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At their June 2012 meeting, the IHSA Board of Directors approved continuation of the association’s PES testing program.  The testing program will mirror in nature and scope the three previous years of testing. Any student who participates in an IHSA-sponsored or sanctioned athletic event is subject to substance testing. A full copy of the testing program and other related resources can be accessed on the IHSA Sports Medicine website. Additionally, school administrators will still be able to access the necessary resources used for program implementation in the IHSA Schools Center.
Also, the Board of Directors approved a recommendation requiring that each athletic coach for an extra-curricular athletic activity sponsored or sanctioned by the association at or above the 9th grade level shall be required to complete an educational program on the prevention of abuse of performance-enhancing substances developed by the association.  Coaches shall also be required to complete an exam developed by the IHSA showing a minimum proficiency understanding methods to prevent the abuse of performance-enhancing substances by students.  Coaches shall need to only complete the program once, and coaches that have already completed this requirement shall be considered in compliance with this requirement.

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