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Legal Balls

Wilson is The Official Ball of the IHSA for the 2022-23 school year in the sports listed below. The list displays the current model ball that will be used in the postseason for each sport. These models will be sent to the competing teams/sites. Any Wilson ball that is approved by the NFHS may be used during the IHSA State Series. KAP7 International is the official IHSA ball for water polo & Champro Sports is the official ball of IHSA lacrosse:






 A1010 Pro

 Boys Basketball

 EVO NXT (size 7) effective 2024-25 season

 Girls Basketball

 EVO NXT (size 6) effective 2024-25 season



 Boys Lacrosse
 Champro Sports LBNW
 Girls Lacrosse
 Champro Sports LBNGO




 9011 WTA9011BSST (Poly Core)


 WRT 106200



Wilson K1 GOLD R/W/N   WTH1895A1XB 

 Girls Water Polo

 KAP7 104

 Boys Water Polo

 KAP7 105