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How to Become a Licensed Official

“The Drive to 500” begins May 1st

When registration opens for officials’ licensing on May 1st, the IHSA is launching perhaps its most aggressive program in a number of years.  “The Drive to 500” represents the IHSA’s ambitious goal of licensing at least 500 flag football officials for its inaugural season, which begins in August of 2024.

“Flag Football is a high-paced, often high-scoring game, that highlights the major football skills of running, throwing, catching, and snapping the football,” said IHSA Associate Executive Director and Coordinator of Officials Kurt Gibson.  “Flag Football is rapidly growing in popularity across the country, and we are excited for its debut this fall in Illinois.  Flag football is a different game than tackle football, and it’s our hope to find men and women from all parts of society to join in, become flag football officials, and help us realize our goal.”

Flag Football game description

Individuals interested in licensing for any sport next year can do by accessing the link below, beginning May 1st.  The IHSA will license officials in nearly 20 different sports next year.  For the past two years, the number of officiating licenses granted by the IHSA have increased over previous years, bucking a national trend, but there is always a need for more officials.  Becoming an official is a great way to stay in shape, learn a new skill, make new friends, and generate extra income.  For more information on officiating, contact Kurt Gibson ( at the IHSA Office, and help us reach our “Drive to 500” goal!


2024-25 Registration Information

By clicking the appropriate link below, an individual may apply to become an official beginning May 1st.  As a reminder, all licenses are one-year in nature.  Anyone who was licensed for the 2024-24 school year and wishes to be licensed for the 2024-25 school year must apply for a new license.

The base registration fee for the 2024-25 school year is $80.  This fee allows an individual to apply for two licenses.

For individuals who register between June 1-July 31, the registration fee will be $80 for the first sport, $0 for the second sport, and $15 for each additional sport.

For any individual who registers for a fall sport(s) on or after August 1, the registration fee will be $110 ($80 for registration and a $30 late fee).  There will be a $0 charge for a second sport, and each additional sport will cost the individual $15 per license.

Individuals who register for a winter sport on or after October 1, 2024, will pay the fees described in the paragraph above, as will individuals who register for a spring sport on or after February 1, 2025.

Requirements and expectations for IHSA licensed officials can be found in the IHSA Officials Handbook.  The current handbook can be found here and will be updated for the 2024-25 school year on or around August 1st.

Individuals with questions can contact the IHSA Officials Department.


Start the application process here. (17 years of age and older)


Apply for a Provisional License here (15- and 16-year olds only) 


Have a question? Email the IHSA Officials Department for a prompt reply.