Social Media

Social Media

The IHSA prides itself on being able to connect with student-athletes, coaches, administrators, officials, parents and fans via social media. Check your favorite social media platforms below and find out how to connect with the IHSA!

  FACEBOOK  -  Main account with general IHSA news, updates, stories and video  -  Updates & news for IHSA Officials

  @IHSA_IL  -  Main account with general IHSA news & updates
  @IHSAState  -  Original content, rankings, history, and more!
  @IHSAScoreZone  -  Final scores from IHSA State Series contests & regular-season via MaxPreps
  @IHSAOfficials  -  News & updates for IHSA officials
                     @IHSAWeather  -  Updates on weather & delays from IHSA State Final venues
                     @IHSAddATude  -  Sportsmanship & more from the world's first sportsmanship mascot

  YOUTUBE  -  Main account with general staff video and Two-Minute Drill updates
             -  Nearly 1,000 classic IHSA State Final and State Series contests


  INSTAGRAM  -  The view from around the Land of Lincoln through the eyes of the IHSA staff

   TIK TOK -  A mix of state final action, random fun, and educational videos from the IHSA


  This free smartphone ap provides an IHSA member school directory, ScoreZone, daily updates and more!
  Download on iTunes and Google Play.