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Advisory Committees

IHSA Advisory Committees communicate information about their area of interest to the Board of Directors and staff.  Committees make recommendations for changes in policy, administration, and terms and conditions. The recommendations are reviewed by the IHSA staff and then either approved or rejected by the Board of Directors.  Advisory committees may not propose changes to the IHSA Constitution and By-laws; such proposals must be made by an official representative (usually the principal) of a member school.

General Advisory Committees



Ad Hoc Committees

Sports Advisory Committees

Activities Advisory Committees

 Ad Hoc Committees are formed at the discretion of the IHSA Board of Directors, generally with the direction to review or attempt to bring about a consensus recommendation on a specific subject or subjects. The size, scope and make-up of each ad hoc committee varies depending on the subject matter.

Athletic Advisory Committees play a vital role in the development of each of the athletic state tournament series conducted by the IHSA, as well as in the relationship of all the programs to the total structure of IHSA. The advisory committees are composed of principals, athletic directors, activity directors, coaches and officials. These committees meet with administrative staff yearly to review and recommend changes in each of their respective athletic activities.

Activity Advisory Committees are also maintained to provide guidance for non-athletic state tournament series conducted by IHSA. These committees involve coaches or directors in the respective activities, along with principals and activities directors.

The Athletic Administrators Advisory Committee, which meets several times a year, reviews all recommendations from the different sport advisory committees and, in turn, reviews and makes recommendations concerning the relationship of sports to the total interscholastic program.

Similarly, the Activities Directors Advisory Committee reviews all recommendations from the different activities advisory committees and, in turn, reviews and makes recommendations concerning the relationship of activities to the total interscholastic program. 

The News Media Advisory Committee is composed of school personnel and representatives from the various communications media also functions regarding the total interscholastic program. Its goal is to guide the IHSA in communicating the story of interscholastic athletics and activities to the public through the public media, and to advise the IHSA in aspects of marketing and merchandising.

The Sports Medicine Advisory Committee is composed of physicians, trainers and school personnel. It functions as a resource relative to issues of health and safety to interscholastic participants, both in IHSA-sponsored state series events and throughout the regular sports seasons in the member schools.

The Sportsmanship Advisory Committee is composed of educators, students, athletic officials and representatives from Illinois school organizations. Its function is to set both short and long term plans to make sportsmanship and ethical behavior in interscholastics recognized, rewarded and encouraged.

The Athletic Officials Advisory Committee is composed of people who officiate the different athletic contests and meets. It is the vehicle through which sports playing rules changes, training and recruitment of officials and game/meet procedures are reviewed.