IHSA Archives

The IHSA Archives project brings the state final experience out of
the past and onto your computer, laptop, or mobile device!

The vast library of video recordings preserved by the Illinois High School Association
is now available, on YouTube, to a worldwide audience of fans.

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Tentative release schedule

Because we've had many inquiries about future video releases, we're posting this tentative schedule to give you an idea of when the videos you're interested in will appear. Processing videos is a labor-intensive process that cannot be sped up without considerable expense, but hang in there -- we will move forward as quickly as we can.

There are gaps in the IHSA Archives. Except for basketball and football, there was essentially no TV coverage from 2001 to 2009. In addition, most of the VHS tapes from the first three years of SportsChannel coverage (1987 to 1990) are unplayable. It may be possible to recover them, but the time and expense may be prohibitive.

For each group shown below, we may post all the videos in one group on the listed date, or we may post the videos in small groups at various times prior to the date. Any changes to this schedule will be posted here.

  • As of March 23, 2016, all available basketball and football championship games have been posted. In addition, the championship events of all other sports have been posted through 2000-01. The remaining available championship events, starting in 2009-10, are available on DVD and will be posted in the next few weeks.

  • There is no particular time schedule for boys and girls basketball quarterfinals and semifinals. Once we have a handle on all the championship events, we will start processing the remaining games.

  • The final group of videos includes quarterfinals and semifinals in other team sports (baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, and water polo). Generally these start with the 2009-10 season. Their posting date is well in the future.

While you're waiting for the next release, spread the word about the IHSA Archives by sharing your favorite videos with others on your Facebook page or Twitter feed. The more views we get, the easier it will be to maintain backing for this project.


About the videos

The IHSA Archives collection consists of more than 2,500 recordings of state final events in almost every sport and some non-athletic activities. Most of these recordings are of telecasts or webcasts that include commentary. A small percentage of the recordings are silent "game films" taken by single cameras. The quality can range from excellent to poor, depending on the original media, its age, and how many times it has been duplicated, but when it comes to preserving history, any video is better than no video.

Although the collection is huge it is, sadly, not complete. A significant number of recordings were never preserved, are missing from the collection, or are so badly degraded that they cannot be digitized. In particular, coverage from the 1970s basketball tournaments is spotty at best, and no football title games were saved until 1988.

The videos come from a variety of sources and the amount recorded before and after the actual event can vary based on the whims of the person making the original recording. For this project, the videos have been edited to remove station breaks and most commercials (we've left in a few classic Illinois Bell Telephone and Country Companies ads). Everything else – including special features, trophy presentations, and interviews with coaches, cheerleaders, and fans – remains just as it was on the original recording.

What can I see and how can I see it?

Videos from IHSA collection are posted on YouTube on the "IHSA Archives" channel  (www.youtube.com/IHSAArchives). There is no cost to view the videos. New material will be posted regularly, so be sure to subscribe to the channel or our Twitter feed and visit the index of the available videos to find the latest additions. In general, priority will be given to posting championship games and events, starting with the oldest.

How can I help?

We would like to hear from you if you have a film, tape, or DVD recording of a missing IHSA state final event, especially from the 1970s or 1980s (or if you have a better or more complete version of an event already posted). Since home video recorders entered the market around 1980, it's our belief that those missing games are out there somewhere, in closets, basements, or attics. Please contact archives@ihsa.org if you would like to contribute. You can bet there are many fans who would like to see your games.

Questions or comments?

Feel free to write us at archives@ihsa.org.