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IHSA Belief Statements

1. IHSA shall be in compliance with Title IX and the Illinois Sex Equity Rules.

2. IHSA's promotion and recognition shall be managed in a manner free of discrimination on any basis.

3. IHSA programs shall make every attempt to level up, not down, when making changes.

4. Having differences in promotion and recognition does not mean that a program is inequitable.

Note: Identical benefits, opportunities and treatment are not required as long as the effect of any differences in the overall program is negligible.

5. The scheduling of the state series competitions shall enhance the programs promotional benefit, publicity and fan support.

6. Self-evaluation is an important step towards achieving equitable promotion and recognition of activities.

Equality Definitions


Equal in Effect.

Equal Opportunity

A recipient who operates or sponsor interscholastic, intercollegiate, club or intramural athletics shall provide equal athletic opportunity for members of both sexes. Factors considered are accommodating interests and abilities of both sexes, provision of equipment and supplies, scheduling of games and practice times, travel and per diem allowance, opportunity to receive coaching, assignment and compensation of coaches, provision of locker rooms, practice and competitive facilities, provision of medical and training facilities and services, provision of housing and dining facilities and services and publicity. Illinois Administrative Code [200.80(b)(1)(E)]

Equal Access

The availability of opportunity without discrimination on the basis of sex, going beyond simple admission to an activity to include full and unrestricted participation in education and experiential processes.


Similar in quality and quantity taking into consideration all relevant facts and circumstances.


Disparity exist if a programs differences can not be explained by nondiscriminatory justifications. A disparity is a difference in benefits and service that has a negative impact. A disparity does not mean that benefits, services and publicity are merely different.

Significant Disparity

A significant disparity refers to a single disparity that is so substantial as to deny equal opportunity. A violation is likely if one program is accorded second class status.

Competitive Season

The period of weeks established for a sport by IHSA for competition between high school teams and their state tournament.

Prime Time

That time period, which is most desirable for a given activity.


The violation of individuals state or federal equal rights guarantees whether intended or unintended.

Significant Assistance

The payment of dues, fees or other remuneration in return for the provision of services, benefits or any other collaboration that significantly facilitates the functioning of any agency, organization or person outside an educational system.

Participation Rate

The % of participants of each gender in the program is the participation rate. There are two forms of participation rates, duplicated and unduplicated.

Like Programs for IHSA

Programs that are comparable are grouped into 5 categories based on revenue generating, team sports, team and individual sports and non-athletic activities. Category 1, boys basketball, girls basketball, football, category 2, girls volleyball, team and individual wrestling, category 3, boys soccer, girls soccer, baseball, softball, boys volleyball, category 4, boys golf, girls golf, girls tennis, boys tennis, boys cross country, girls cross country, girls swimming, boys swimming, boys bowling, girls bowling, girls gymnastics, boys gymnastics, girls badminton, girls track and field, boys track and field, boys water polo, girls water polo, category 5 speech, music, chess, speech and scholastic bowl. All programs should receive the same benefits and services. Programs within the like programs should receive comparable promotional services.

Promotional Services

Promotional services are intangible activities, which convince people to participate in a program in a more predictable manner. It include entertainment; professional services and communication, which creates an emotional appeal, contributes to good will and usually has low profitability. Examples of some of the IHSA promotional services are Captains day, Officials Day, Pack the Place, Sportsmanship campaign, Hitting Derby, March Madness Experience, The Happening and Tent Day.

Promotional Devices

Promotional devices are tangible promotional materials supporting a program. The devices are used for communicating benefit and features of a program. Examples of some of the IHSA promotional devices are, key chains, mugs, pins, photo's, golf balls, ball markers, whistles, flipping coins, posters, attitude appliqués, T-shirt giveaways, worker shirts and other give-away items.