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CPR Training

CPR Training

In August 2013, Public Act 098-0305 took effect.  This act requires the IHSA to be given a CPR training video to post on its website so that staff at IHSA-member schools can watch it.  The act also indicates school districts shall notify parents and encourage them to view the video, too. 

The following is a link to the act on the General Assembly’s website: 

Over the past few months, many schools have contacted the IHSA inquiring about the video.  Until recently, no one has sent our office any such video.  However, we have now received a video from the Illinois State Board of Education.  The video can be accessed on the IHSA’s Sports Medicine page.

Note: Watching the video below does not constitute as "training" or towards the compliance requirement. Training courses as provided by the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, or something similar would apply towards the certification/compliancy requirement.