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Licensed Vendors

Important Notice

We continue to alert our schools of the requirement to use only licensed vendors to produce programs and merchandise in conjunction with IHSA state series events. We would also like to remind all licensed vendors that with a license from the IHSA you are expected to establish positive business relationships with member schools and fulfill your business agreements. Those relationships should be entered into openly and honestly and without misleading information.

When licensed vendors contact member schools or host schools, vendors shall make them aware of their status as a licensed vendor and market their products with integrity. Licensed vendors shall not proclaim to be the sole vendor responsible for a sport, activity, or region of the state. Licensed vendors shall not use deceptive tactics to secure a business relationship. This includes, but is not limited to, seeking tournament information without a business agreement with the host. In addition, licensed vendors shall not portray themselves to be the only company licensed to produce the goods or services in question.