Calendar of Events

10-Year Calendar

A 10-year standardized calendar is available in PDF format.  In addition, each sport and activity menu page has its own 5-year calendar.

Use the All Categories menu on the Calendar or List pages to filter events by sport, activity or topic. Select the Calendar button to browse by month, the List button to display events in a text list; Week to display events by week, and Day to browse by day.

Student Advisory Committee Retreat at IHSA Office
Last Day for Summer Contact (By-law 3.153)
News Media Advisory Committee Meeting
Fall Coop Team Application Deadline
All-School Mailing
Practice May Begin--Boys: FB, GO; Girls: GO
Fall On-Line Rules Presentations Available for Credit
Practice May Begin--Girls: TN, CC, VB, SW Boys: SO, CC
1st Contest- Girls GO; Boys GO
Nominating Ballots On-Line to Member Schools
Nominating Ballots On-Line to Member Schools
1st Contest- Girls: TN
1st Contest- Girls: CC, VB, SW; Boys: SO, CC
IHSA Board of Directors Meeting
1st Contest- Boys: FB
Boys Baseball Advisory Committee Meeting
Girls Softball Advisory Committee Meeting