Enrollments, Cutoffs, Fall Classifications for 2-Year Cycle Posted

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The first release of information about the IHSA's new two-year classification cycle, which was adopted by the IHSA Board of Directors in June 2018, has been posted. The classification cycle covers the next two school years: 2019-20 and 2020-21. During that period, classifications in multi-class sports and activities will not change.

The following items are available:

The Explainer contains a summary of the many changes involved. The most noteworthy involves higher enrollment cutoffs for team-bracketed sports (boys and girls basketball, baseball, softball, girls volleyball, and boys and girls soccer) and wrestling, as shown in the table below.

Classification cutoffs for 2019-20 and 2020-21


Class 1A

Class 2A

Class 3A

Class 4A

boys and girls basketball, boys baseball, girls softball, girls volleyball




1635.01 and above

boys and girls soccer



1635.01 and above

boys wrestling



1726.01 and above

Classification cutoffs in other sports and activities will deviate only slightly from the figures that are in use during the current school year. Classifications for sports and activities that take place during the winter and spring will be released after the end of their respective seasons. 

Please see the linked items for other details of the new classification cycle.

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