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IHSA Podcast:  Happenings at 2715

Happenings at 2715 is a podcast produced by the Illinois High School Association that provides listeners a 'behind the scenes' look at the goings on at the IHSA Office and around the state. Sport specific updates, interviews with IHSA staff and school personnel, and general reminisces of great moments in IHSA history will be a part of this weekly feature. Happenings is intentionally designed to be short in length (approximately 4:00) to allow for media to pick up the weekly podcast and insert into local broadcasts (similar to a halftime feature) as programming allows.
           Want Happenings at 2715 for video webcast halftime content or other video usage?           
                                All episodes are available on IHSA YouTube Page. To access, click here

ARCHIVES: 2017-18 Podcasts - Season 1

ARCHIVES: 2018-19 Podcasts - Season 2