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Legislative Commission Forwards Three Proposals to IHSA Member Schools

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The Illinois High School Association's Legislative Commission voted Monday (November 23) to refer three proposals to amend the IHSA Constitution and By-laws to a vote of the general membership. The Commission voted after hearing feedback from member school personnel at 28 town meetings held around the state during the month of November.

The ballot containing the proposals will be available to each member school's official representative in the IHSA's online Schools Center, beginning Monday, November 30. The deadline to submit the ballot is midnight, Monday, December 14. The ballots will be tabulated and the results posted on Tuesday, December 15. Schools will be able to vote "no opinion" on any of the proposals. A simple majority of yes or no votes cast will determine whether each proposal passes.

Here is a summary of the proposals on the ballot:

Proposal 1: Adds an 11th voting member to the IHSA Board of Directors. The new at-large Board seat will be filled by a principal or official representative from an underrepresented school.
Proposal 5: Provides eligibility via an attendance exception for students placed in a modified educational setting that requires disenrollment from their high school.
Proposal 9: Moves the starting and ending dates for IHSA Baseball and Softball a week earlier to Weeks 35 and 49, respectively.  Also moves the starting date for contests in both sports to Week 37 in the IHSA Standardized Calendar.

The text of these proposals, as amended, is available in a PDF document by clicking here.

The remaining proposals were rejected by the Legislative Commission. A total of 32 of the 35 commissioners attended the meeting, which was held virtually.


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