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IHSA Board of Directors February Meeting Recap

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The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) Board of Directors met for its regularly scheduled meeting, which included both virtual and in-person attendance, on Monday, February 8, 2021, where the Board took action on several items.

1. The Board approved a recommendation to extend the winter sports (badminton, boys swimming and diving, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls bowling, competitive cheer and competitive dance) for Chicago Public Schools one week until March 20, 2021.
IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson:
“At the IHSA Board of Directors meeting on January 27, the Board expressed a desire to reevaluate scheduling for any region that was unable to start their seasons. The Board recognizes that they have limited leeway for scheduling changes moving forward, given the condensed schedule and overlap that already exists. They felt like providing Chicago Public Schools (CPS) an extra week of the winter season was an equitable option given that CPS teams have yet to begin practices or competitions.”

2. The Board approved a recommendation to amend the IHSA football schedule in the spring of 2021 for non-varsity contests so it aligns with what is done at the non-varsity level during the normal fall season. Schools may now conduct their first non-varsity contest on March 18 and may also conduct the final non-varsity contest of the season to be played on April 26.

3. The Board approved a recommendation to change the date of the March and April IHSA Board of Directors meetings. The March meeting was moved from March 13 to March 8 and the April meeting from April 13 to April 12.

4. The Board approved a recommendation to approve an amended budget for the 2020-21 school year.

5. The Board approved a recommendation to approve the formation of a special financial ad hoc committee.
IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson:
“The pandemic has had a significant financial impact on the IHSA and we have utilized a number of internal cost-saving measures since last March. Now that we have a clearer picture of what the remainder of the 2020-21 school year will look like, we were able to amend our current budget and begin to look toward the future. We look forward to convening a committee that includes member school administrators, so they can provide vital input on how the IHSA recovers, and ultimately thrives, following this pandemic. Our staff and Board of Directors remain diligent in our cost-saving efforts and will do everything in our power to remain good financial stewards while maintaining the mission of the Association.”

Minutes from all Advisory Committees can be viewed by clicking here.

1. The Board approved the consent items from the Advisory Committees in the following sports & activities: Boys & Girls Golf, Boys & Girls Tennis, and Sportsmanship.

Consent items are recommendations that received approval from the sport/activity advisory committee, the Athletic Administrators Advisory Committee and the IHSA staff. Consent items can be viewed by clicking here.

Non-consent items are recommendations from sport or activity committees that did not receive a majority vote from the Athletic Advisory Committee or IHSA staff.

No non-consent item were approved.

Consent items of note included:
Boys & Girls Golf
1. At the regional level for both boys and girls golf, the pairings will send off the best teams (higher seed) first off the front and back nine’s.

Boys & Girls Tennis
1. Seeding changes were implemented, including at the Sectional level, where the #4 and #5 seed will be placed in the top of the draw while the #3 and #6 seed are placed in the bottom of a draw.
2. A virtual Sectional seed meeting may be conducted at the Sectional manager’s discretion.

1. The IHSA Hate Speech and Harassment Policy & Procedure video will need to be reviewed every two years by coaches and officials.

1. The Board sustained the Executive Director’s ruling on a student from Chicago (St. Ignatius College Prep). The student was ruled ineligible for non-compliance with IHSA By-law 3.040 and its sub-sections.

At each meeting of the Board of Directors, there are certain items the Board discusses, but upon which no action is taken. The following is a report of those items from the February 8, 2021, agenda:

1. The Board discussed the Classification Policy for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 school terms. The Board recommended no changes to the Policy, but had reviewed the Policy given that no State Series have been played in some sports over the past two school years.

2. The Board discussed spring IHSA State Series sports and Bass Fishing State Series plans for 2021 and plans to take action at their March meeting.

3. The Board heard a report that no in-person All-State Academic Team banquet will be held in 2021.

4. The Board reminded member schools that IHSA All-State Academic Team nominations are due on Friday, February 12, 2021.

5. The Board heard a report on the 2020-21 IHSA Officials of the Year.


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