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IHSA Announces Partnership with Online Scoring Platform Provider iWanamaker

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High School golfers in Illinois will now be able to keep score for all regular and post-season events on their cell phones through a partnership announced by the IHSA Board of Directors on August 24 between the IHSA and iWanamaker.  A Colorado-based company, iWanamaker, combines desktop and mobile application technology to allow golfers to view live leaderboards during events and tournaments using their cell phones.

“With the continued development of online scoring programs and apps for golf and the prevalence of players having cell phones,  it only makes sense for our players to use the iWanamaker platform for scoring,” said IHSA Assistant Executive Director, Stacey Lambert.  “Our golf advisory committee and our athletic administrators advisory committee came to the same conclusion our staff did, which is the iWanamaker platform will help event managers running events while reducing contact points between players in this COVID-19 environment.”

As a part of the agreement, IHSA member schools will be given free access to a mobile app and a league on the iWanamaker website.  After coaches and athletic directors download the app, players will also be able to download the app at no cost and then use the app for live scoring and leaderboards throughout the season.  Fans will be able to follow the action all season long by purchasing tickets through iWanamaker for regular and post-season events.

"We are excited that the IHSA and its member schools will be utilizing the iWanamaker platform for their regular and post season golf tournaments. The platform is loaded with features that make golf more fun for everyone following Illinois high school golf,” Wanamaker Corporation CEO Doyle Heisler said. “High school team golf has deep roots in Illinois, and we are excited to be able to offer live scoring and statewide rankings to fans, players, coaches and others on the IHSA Golf App."

IHSA golfers and golf coaches should search "IHSA Golf" in their respective app store to find the IHSA Golf app that iWanamaker has created for the IHSA.

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