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IHSEA (Illinois High School eSports Association) invite

Schools interested in learning about or participating in esports during the school are invited to explore or join IHSEA.  Here is a note the IHSA office received earlier this month.  The IHSEA website is

Below you can find all the information for the IHSEA 2021-2022 School Year.  First and foremost though, welcome everyone!  We have seen a huge growth in schools planning to play this year so this will be our best year yet!

The first step you need to complete this year is to register your school.  Please use this form to register, you only need to complete this form ONE time.  We are changing the way we provide tournaments this year.  Every school will pay a $100 registration fee and it will allow your school to enter any and all IHSEA tournaments up to the maximum allowable teams and players (more information will be included in the rules document associated with each game).  This invoice will be sent out after your registration is complete.

In the registration form we have several dates set up for Mandatory General Manager (GM) training.  GMs are the lead esports contact at a school, which we will generally be using as a blanket term for a coach or program director.  Only the GM would need to attend this meeting.  If you are lucky enough to have additional coaches (or be one of the additional coaches) you only need to pass down any relevant information to them.  Please choose a date you are available to attend and we will send out a calendar invite to one of the sessions chosen.

This fall we are offering competition for Rocket League and Overwatch.  We have a lot of great talent here in Illinois, including several nationally ranked teams, and we cannot wait for you to showcase your teams.  This year we will be utilizing UGC as our tournament platform provider.  We are still working out the details for the provider and we will have more information at your GM training about the use of it.  If you are looking for our updated rules for this season's tournaments please see this folder.  Before you inquire with our respective tournament organizers about any questions pertaining to specific games, make sure you have read through the rules document first.  In the rules documents we also have the dates for each season if you are looking for when you can expect competition to start. 

Finally, we have restructured and added some new faces to our personnel team.  If you have questions about specific tournaments please be sure to use the appropriate channels on the  Discord and inform your coaches and students to do the same.  Our main tournament organizers are Dalton McGhiey of Springfield Public Schools (SPS Coach McGhiey) and Chris Terpstra of Naperville North High School (NNHS Terp).  Please direct any and all questions about the tournaments to them.  

As always the best way to keep up with the new information is on our Discord.  Please join our community. . If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Thank you for your support!

The IHSEA Team