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Susie Knoblauch Returns “Home” To IHSA Staff

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Following a conference call by the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) Board of Directors to approve the appointment, IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson announced today (May 31, 2016) that Susie Knoblauch will return to her position as IHSA Assistant Executive Director in July.

Knoblauch previously served as an Assistant Executive Director for the IHSA from 2004 to 2014, before departing to join the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) staff.

“I am not sure there is anyone in the country more qualified for this position,” said IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson. “Susie proficiently ran her programs for the IHSA for over a decade and has only broadened her experience and expertise during her time with the NFHS. She is also a warm and vibrant personality, and because of that, I know that her colleagues throughout Illinois will be just as excited as we are to welcome her back.”

Knoblauch served as the Director of Performing Arts and Sports for the NFHS in Indianapolis for the past two years.

“From a professional standpoint, my time at the NFHS was amazing,” said Knoblauch. “I grew as an administrator, learned so much, and met incredible people from all over the country doing amazing things for students in high school sports and activities. However, Illinois is home, and the IHSA is home. I feel so lucky to be back.”

Knoblauch was tabbed as the next Executive Director of the Peoria Park District in April and was slated to begin that position in June, before deciding to rejoin the IHSA staff.

“As a long-time drama teacher and administrator, I think it’s fitting to say that I am heading into the final act of my career,” said Knoblauch. “I never expected the opportunity to return to an organization and position that I loved so much. It took a great deal of reflection and deliberation to reach this decision, and I appreciate the Peoria Park District’s support. Ultimately, I think in the long-term this decision will be for the best for both the Peoria Park District and the IHSA.”

Knoblauch is tentatively expected to take over the same responsibilities she had prior to her departure from the IHSA staff, including administering Boys and Girls Tennis, Speech Individual Events, Drama & Group Interpretation, Debate, Music, and Cheerleading. The opening was created when Shaunda Brown announced in May that she will return to teaching next year.

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