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Illinois Basketball Coaches Association All-Star Games Set For June 11 at Pontiac High School

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The Illinois Basketball Coaches Association (IBCA) has announced the rosters and coaches for its  annual All-Star games, which will be held on Saturday, June 11, 2016 at Pontiac Community High School. Admission for one session (either both girls or both boys games) is $5 and admission for both sessions (all games) is $8.

The schedule for the four contests on June 11 is as follows:
NOON - 1A/2A South Girls vs. 1A/2A North Girls
2:00 PM - 3A/4A South Girls vs. 3A/4A North Girls
4:00 PM - 1A/2A South Boys vs. 1A/2A North Boys
6:00 PM - 3A/4A South Boys vs. 3A/4A North Boys

The Head Coaches for each team are Girls 1A-2A South: Tonya Conrad, Fairfield; Girls 1A-2A North: Doug Swanson, Sherrard; Girls 3A-4A South: Janet Holst, Salem; Girls 3A-4A North: Mark Smith, Burlington Central; Boys 1A-2A South: Vic Binkley, Warrensburg-Latham; Boys 1A-2A North Chad Cluver, Watseka; Boys 3A-4A South Mark Cooper, Ottawa; & Boys 3A-4A North Al Biancalana, DeKalb.

Full rosters for each team are listed below: