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Kicking it with the boys: Maroa-Forsyth's Fitzpatrick a Success on the Gridiron

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Photo by Clay Jackson, courtesy of Decatur Herald & Review

On Wednesdays, the left side of Walter Boyd Field is filled with boys practicing punt coverage. The right of the field is occupied by Maroa-Forsyth High School football players like star running back Deondre Gregory boasting that he hasn't botched an opportunity to field a punt all season.

In the middle, junior kicker Reilly Fitzpatrick sends a slew of point-after attempts through the September sky.

After the first two, she trots around the guardrail to pick up the footballs. Same for the next two.

Finally, after the fifth attempt, Trojans captain Lane Ohlemeyer stands on the track to field the kicks, sending them back to Fitzpatrick for yet another conversion.

For Fitzpatrick, converting point after attempts isn't limited to Wednesdays. She's made a name for herself throughout the area as a premier kicker.

While there are other teams in the area with female players, none have had the impact at the varsity level that Fitzpatrick has.

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