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Rock Island High School Football & Basketball Teams Score For Education

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The high-scoring Rock Island football team, along with the continuing efforts of the three-point shooters for Rocky’s girls and boys basketball teams, have caused donations to pile up for the Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation, in’s Score for Education program.

The football team scored an amazing 457 points this past fall, triggering $457 in donations. The boys’ basketball team has made 63 three-point baskets so far this season. Each three-pointer equals a $3 donation, so that’s $189 so far this season. And, in the six games carried live by so far, the girls team has nailed 61 threes, for $183 more in donations.

All told, $829 in donations have been generated by Score for Education, with all the money benefiting students and teachers in the Rock Island-Milan School District, through scholarships and grants from the Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation. Local insurance agent Chris Elsberg is providing half the total donation amount, with providing the other half.

More information on the Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation is available at