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Wilson Introduces New Training Footballs Designed To Help Adjust To Weather & Tempo

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The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) is proud to partner Wilson Sporting Goods, as the Chicago-based company is the Official Ball of the IHSA.

The Wilson GST football has been a fabric of high school football in Illinois and across over the country for decades, but Wilson continues to show that it is still innovating to help student-athletes adapt to today’s game.

That philosophy is on display with Wilson’s two new training balls: The Laceless Training Ball and the Slick Training Ball.

Wilson’s Laceless technology is designed to prepare quarterbacks for high pressure, in-game quick release situations. The Laceless ball eliminates the quarterback’s initial instinct to spin the ball and find its laces, providing comfort throwing without the laces, while helping adapt to the quick tempo many offenses operate at currently.

The Slick Training Ball features a unique finish that simulates wet weather conditions. Not only does it help every player on the field who touches the ball prepare for the elements, but it also saves wear and tear on other team footballs that no longer have to be drenched to simulate rainy conditions.