Trio of Female Officials Make Southern Illinois Soccer History

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Trio of Female Officials Make Southern Illinois Soccer History

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The photo above and story below are printed with permission from the Journal Gazette & Times Courier in Charleston/Mattoon:

Charleston graduate Megan Hjort was happy to be one of the three officials to work Thursday's Mattoon-Charleston girls' soccer game since she knows how big the rivalry is between the schools because she used to play in the match.

Hjort being there as an official helped make the match a bit more special, too. Hjort was one of the side officials along with Eleanor Crouse and Erin Hagan was the official on the field, making it the first time in Southern Illinois three females reffed a soccer match together.

"I didn't know how big of a deal it was until people started telling me how it's not normal to have three female refs," Hjort said. "I feel kind of honored."

For Crouse, it wasn't the first time she's been a part of an all-female crew. Back home up in the suburbs of Chicago, Crouse worked recreation games with other females.

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