Taylorville Principal's Words From 1940 Still Ring True Today

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Taylorville Principal's Words From 1940 Still Ring True Today

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In the February 28, 1940 “tournament edition” of the Taylorville High School student newspaper, the Pel-Mell, Taylorville principal J.L. McAdam wrote a welcome letter to all fans attending the IHSA Boys Basketball Regional tournament the school was hosting.

In his welcome, McAdam penned some big picture thoughts on education-based athletics that are still applicable today:

“Basketball teams are very much a part of our educational system. Only one school out of eight can win this tournament. We are sure that all schools represented derive a sufficient amount of benefit to justify holding it. It is not the winning alone that counts, but the participation. If only the winner derived benefit then the tournament certainly would not justify its existence. Athletics, and basketball specifically, should not be considered a means to the end. The end product of all our school activities should be education…We hope that all the educational ends sought for in activities of this kind are discovered by all who participate in this tournament, whether it be fan or player.”

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