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Summary of March 20 Board Meeting

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Action Items

  1. The Board approved a recommendation to accept the following rule change to the Girls Golf State Series Terms & Conditions.

    Girls Golf Terms & Conditions Item
    Item VIII. Tournament Rules - P. Circle 10 Scoring
    The Circle 10 rule may be invoked by a coach during Regional play only. If the Circle 10 rule is invoked, a player picks up their ball after 10 shots or more on any applicable hole. That player is no longer eligible to advance to the Sectional round and their score will not be used for advancing team scores.
    This item was originally tabled at the February Board meeting in order to allow for a vote by the Golf Advisory Committee.
  2. The Board approved a recommendation to appoint the following principals to serve as tellers for the 2010-11 school term:
    Nominations: Jeff Hill, Normal (University)
    Elections: Tim Moore, Bloomington (H.S.)
    Proposals: Tom Eder, Normal (Community West)
  3. The Board approved a recommendation to establish a committee to study the implementation of a competitive dance state series.

Discussion Items

At each meeting of the Board of Directors, there are certain items the Board discusses, but upon which no action is taken. The following is a report of those items from the March 20, 2010, agenda:

  1. The Executive Director announced that nominations will be accepted for the IHSA’s Distinguished Service Awards. 12 recipients will be honored at a banquet on June 14, 2010.

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