SAWA - Micah Coffey, Batavia

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SAWA - Micah Coffey, Batavia

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As a part of the IHSA Do What’s Right! Sportsmanship Program, member school personnel and licensed IHSA officials have the ability to recognize acts of exemplary sportsmanship and integrity that occur in IHSA events throughout the school year via the Sport A Winning Attitude Report (SAWA). Those who are recognized receive a special certificate from the IHSA and select SAWAs are featured on the IHSAState website.

The SAWA Report below on Batavia High School’s Micah Coffey was submitted by an IHSA football official:

What could be more important to a varsity football quarterback than leading his team down the field during the Class 6A IHSA state championship game?

Tending to an official with an apparent medical emergency.

During the second half of the Class 6A championship game, the Referee suddenly stopped play and bent over (he had inadvertently been struck by a player’s helmet on the previous play). Batavia's quarterback, Micah Coffey, left the line of scrimmage and ran immediately to the referee's side. He offered an arm and helped steady the official until medical personnel from the sidelines could reach him.

I believe this act, as small as it was, is what sportsmanship is all about.

You know the player is excited as his team is leading the state championship game. You know his focus is on reading the defense, making adjustments and completing the play.

But Coffey put that aside and went where help was needed. As a varsity official, I can only hope that other players learn from this if anyone is in need assistance in the future.

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