Parting Words From Susie Knoblauch

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Parting Words From Susie Knoblauch

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Susie Knoblauch, an IHSA Assistant Executive since 2004, announced on May 14 that she will be leaving the IHSA to join the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) staff (read more here).  

Susie served as the IHSA administrator for tennis, speech, drama & group interpretation, debate, music, cheerleading and journalism. As she addressed the IHSA staff upon the announcement of her departure, she shared some thoughtful words on one of the most important lessons she learned in her decade working at the IHSA, one she has a unique perspective on after working with both sports and activities:

“The tears are the same. Whether it’s a student participating in an activity like drama, speech or debate or a sport like football, baseball or cheerleading. The joy of success and the disappointment of coming up short of your goals are the same.”

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