Glenbrook South Softball Players Meet President Obama

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Glenbrook South Softball Players Meet President Obama

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Press Release courtesy of Glenbrook South High School & Glenbrook High Schools District 225
Photo by and courtesy of Jerry Stavins

For the members of the Glenview Titans Fastpitch Association, a trip to a softball competition in Kansas City, Missouri took a turn for the presidential.

While out to dinner during the USSSA World Series, the members of the Glenview Titans girls softball team - which includes seven students at Glenbrook South - found themselves face-to-face with United States President Barack Obama.

Titans head coach Jerry Stavins said the team was enjoying dinner when the Secret Service closed down the Arthur Bryant diner so no one could enter or leave the restaurant. Though the team had no idea the President was due in town, they were fatefully seated in the booth next to the President and the four Missouri residents he dined with.

“Watching these girls’ expressions with the President only seven feet away, I could tell everyone was captivated. Some of the players couldn’t eat their meal,” Stavins said. “It was a very memorable experience for all of us.”

President Obama concluded his evening by shaking hands with restaurant diners and posing for pictures with the Titans. A photo snapped by a reporter of the team and President went on to make Kansas City front-page news, earning the Titans celebrity status and an invitation to tour Kansas City Royals stadium.

The team went on to play eight games in the competition. The Glenbrook South softball season will begin next spring.

The members of the Titans team include: GBS students Annie Stavins, Corinne Arcos, Alyssa Carasotti, Casey Coletta, Lisa Gebien, Natalie Hayes, Maddie Yoo, and Monica Liwag, Alyssa Pegoraro, Kayla Pociejewski andSarah Joseph.

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