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August IHSA Board Meeting Recap

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The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) Board of Directors met via conference call on Friday, August 17, where the Board acted on the items listed below.


1. The Board approved a recommendation to accept the following organizations as the official National Governing Bodies as it pertains to By-law 3.101. The organizations are as follows:
Sport-Governing Body
Badminton-USA Badminton
Baseball-USA Baseball
Basketball-USA Basketball (USAB)
Bowling-USA Bowling
Diving-United States Diving, Inc. (USD)
Golf-United States Golf Association (USGA)
Gymnastics-USA Gymnastics
Soccer-United States Soccer Federation (USSF)
Softball-USA Softball
Swimming-United States Swimming, Inc. (USS)
Tennis-United States Tennis Association (USTA)
Track & Field-USA Track & Field (USATF)
Triathlon-USA Triathlon Association
Volleyball-USA Volleyball (USAV)
Water Polo-United States Water Polo, Inc. (USWP)
Wrestling-USA Wrestling

2. The Board approved a recommendation to form a committee to review the IHSA’s Residence (3.030) and Transfer (3.040) By-laws.


1. The Board sustained the Executive Director’s ruling on a student from New Lenox (Providence Catholic). The student was ruled ineligible for non-compliance with IHSA by-laws 3.041 and 3.043.


At each meeting of the Board of Directors, there are certain items the Board discusses, but upon which no action is taken. The following is a report of those items from the August 17, 2012, agenda:

1. The Board discussed the IHSA’s Return To Play Protocol for head injuries and disallowing a player who has been knocked unconscious. Currently, a player who has lost consciousness can return if the school’s doctor finds that they have not suffered a concussion.

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