Girls Volleyball

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State Final Tournament

Class 1A, 2A, 3A & 4A: Fri.-Sat., Nov. 12-13, 2021

Site: Redbird Arena, Normal | Directions | Campus Map
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LodgingBloomington-Normal Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
Streaming: NFHS Network  -  Order Digital Download of State Series Event
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Apparel & Souvenirs: Minerva
Official Ball: Wilson K1 Gold WTH1895A1XB
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IHSA COVID Volleyball Guidelines for 2021

1. Masks will remain required for all indoor sports as long as the Governor's mask mandate is in place.
2. Teams will continue to not switch benches for the 2021-22 school year.
   • If a gym has an obvious advantage on one side of the court or another such as an obstruction, sunlight, etc. then teams will be allowed to switch sides.
   • Coaches and officials should discuss court layout prior to the start of the match.
3. Pre-match conferences will take place with captains and coaches. An off-court location with more space may be utilized.
   • The coin toss will also be utilized to determine serve/receive.
4. Pre- and post-match handshakes shall be agreed upon by competing schools in the pre-match conference.
   • At a minimum, starting line ups should wish each other luck from their respective 10-foot lines pre-match and teams should congratulate each other from 10-foot lines post-match.
5. Schools may determine, based on their district policy, to require social distance on benches.



Fall Sport Acclimatization Policy

Volleyball Uniform Changes

Please view the link for upcoming volleyball uniform changes from the NFHS. The solid color uniform combinations will continue to be legal. Please contact the IHSA office with any questions.