Girls Soccer

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State Final Tournament

Class 1A: Fri.-Sat., May 27-28, 2022

Site: North Central College, Naperville

Class 2A-3A: Fri.-Sat., June 3-4, 2022

Site: North Central College, Naperville

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Streaming: NFHS Network  -  Order Digital Download of State Series Event
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Official Ball: Wilson Forte WTE9906
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There is an error in the 2019-20 Soccer Preseason Guide.

The stopping of the clock in the last five minutes when the winning team is substituting applies to the second half only. IT DOES NOT APPLY TO THE SECOND OVERTIME PERIOD.

In the last five minutes of the second half, if both the winning team and losing team are substituting, THE CLOCK SHALL BE STOPPED.

Beginning with the 2018 fall season, the visiting team shall wear solid white jerseys and solid white socks, and the home team shall wear dark jerseys and socks (dark is defined as any color which contrasts with white).

Soccer ID Camp Information

By-law 3.111

During the school year, a person who is a coach at any member school may not be involved in any respect with any coaching school, camp, or clinic for any interscholastic sport or which provides instruction in any skill of an interscholastic sport and is attended by more than two (2) persons from the coach’s school.  Violation shall cause ineligibility for a period not to exceed 365 days. Programs that involve only demonstration of skills and sports theory without providing instruction and requiring active participation by attendees are not considered coaching schools.

Illustration #211


            Q.        May students participate in a scrimmage as a part of a sports camps?

           A.        During the school year, students may participate in Soccer ID camps which generally involve instruction and the demonstration of skills.  In many cases, these camps also involve scrimmages.  If the scrimmages only involve players officially attending the ID camp and the scrimmages are confined to the published timeframe of the ID camp, the scrimmages are considered part of the camp and are allowable under the provisions of IHSA By-law 3.111.

By-law 3.105           

Students or teams at member schools shall not be permitted to participate on, practice with or compete against any college, junior college or university athletic team.  This restriction shall apply in all situations, regardless of the competitive structure or sponsor of the competing entities for such events.

Managing Heat and Heat Illness