Boys Volleyball

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State Final Tournament

State Finals: Fri.-Sat., June 4-5, 2021

Site: Hoffman Estates High School | Directions
Digital Tickets: GoFan
Streaming: NFHS Network  -  Order Digital Download of State Series Event
Apparel & Souvenirs: Minerva
Official Ball: Wilson K1 Gold WTH1895A1XB
Preview: IHSAState


Volleyball Uniform Changes

Please view the link for upcoming volleyball uniform changes from the NFHS. The solid color uniform combinations will continue to be legal. Please contact the IHSA office with any questions.

New Official Ball For The 2019-20 School Term

Beginning with the 2019-20 season the official ball will be the Wilson K1 Gold Volleyball WTH1895A1XB (Red/White/Blue).

NEW for the 2018-19 School Year

The Volleyball Season Limitation By-Law is changing starting July 1, 2018. Teams will now be allowed to participate in 35 matches exclusive of the IHSA State Series. This change removes the limitation on the number of tournaments both a school and individual can participate in.

PLEASE NOTE the restriction of no more than 5 matches per tournament still remains.