Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)

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Background Information


Season Summaries

(Titles, Won-Lost Records,

and Head Coaches)

Wheaton Warrenville South High School

1993 Tiger Trail (Google map, other maps)

Wheaton, IL 60189


Phone: 630-784-7200

Fax: 630-682-2196

School Web Site: www.wwshs.org


Enrollment: 1995.5

Conference(s): DuKane Conference

Nickname(s): Tigers (boys), Tigers (girls)

Colors: Orange/Black

School Type: Public Coed

County: DuPage

Cities in District: Wheaton 54,700; Warrenville 13,217

Board Division: 3, Legislative District: 7


IHSA Official Representative: Scott McDermott  scott.mcdermott@cusd200.org

Superintendent: Jeff Schuler  jeff.schuler@cusd200.org
   phone 630-682-2002  

Principal: Scott McDermott  scott.mcdermott@cusd200.org

Principal's Assistant: TBA

Boys Athletic Director: Mike Healy  michael.healy@cusd200.org
   phone 630-784-7245   fax 630-682-2196

Boys Athletic Director's Assistant: Michele Linden  michele.linden@cusd200.org

Girls Athletic Director: Mike Healy  michael.healy@cusd200.org
   phone 630-784-7245   fax 630-682-2196

Girls Athletic Director's Assistant: Lisa Stemple  lisa.stemple@cusd200.org
   phone 630-784-7242   fax 630-682-2196

Activities Director: Matt Stellwagen  Matthew.Stellwagen@cusd200.org

Boys Athletics — Head Coaches

Boys Baseball Head Coach: John Scherrman  jscherrman@naperville203.org

Boys Basketball Head Coach: Mike Healy  michael.healy@cusd200.org

Boys Bowling Head Coach: Maggie Quinn  margaret.quinn@cusd200.org

Boys Cross Country Head Coach: Christopher Kuntz  Christopher.kuntz@cusd200.org

Boys Football Head Coach: Ron Muhitch  ronald.muhitch@cusd200.org

Boys Golf Head Coach: James Selleck  james.selleck@cusd200.org

Boys Gymnastics Head Coach: Greg Gebhardt  greg.gebhardt@cusd200.org

Boys Ice Hockey Head Coach: TBA

Boys Lacrosse Head Coach: Jason De Maria  jason.demaria@cusd200.org

Boys Soccer Head Coach: Guy Callipari  joseph.callipari@cusd200.org

Boys Swimming Head Coach: TBA

Boys Tennis Head Coach: Patti Clousing  patti.clousing@cusd200.org

Boys Track & Field Head Coach: Cambron Culpepper  cambron.culpepper@cusd200.org

Boys Volleyball Head Coach: Bill Schreier  william.schreier@cusd200.org

Boys Wrestling Head Coach: Matt Janosek  matthew.janosek@cusd200.org

Girls Athletics — Head Coaches

Girls Badminton Head Coach: Laura Ramey  laura.ramey@cusd200.org

Girls Basketball Head Coach: Rob Kroehnke  robert.kroehnke@cusd200.org

Girls Cross Country Head Coach: Rob Harvey  robert.harvey@cusd200.org

Competitive Cheerleading Head Coach: Emili Schultz  emili.schultz@cusd200.org

Competitive Dance Head Coach: Tiffany Marconi  tiffany.marconi@cusd200.org

Girls Golf Head Coach: Art Tang  arthur.tang@cusd200.org

Girls Gymnastics Head Coach: Maureen Kermend  maureen.kermend@cusd200.org

Girls Lacrosse Head Coach: TBA

Girls Softball Head Coach: Jeff Pawlak  jeffrey.pawlak@cusd200.org

Girls Soccer Head Coach: Guy Callipari  joseph.callipari@cusd200.org

Girls Swimming Head Coach: TBA

Girls Tennis Head Coach: Patti Clousing  patti.clousing@cusd200.org

Girls Track & Field Head Coach: Rob Harvey  robert.harvey@cusd200.org

Girls Volleyball Head Coach: Bill Schreier  william.schreier@cusd200.org

Girls Water Polo Head Coach: TBA

Athletic Medical Staff

Certified Athletic Trainer: Traci Headley  Traci.Headley@nm.org

Activities — Head Coaches, Advisers, and Directors

Bass Fishing Coach: Craig Lawrence  Craig.Lawrence@cusd200.org

Chess Coach: Richard Burrell  richard.burrell@cusd200.org

Debate Coach: TBA

Group Interpretation Director: David DeMarzo  david.demarzo@cusd200.org

Speech Coach: David DeMarzo  david.demarzo@cusd200.org

Newspaper Adviser: Maggie Quinn  margaret.quinn@cusd200.org

Band Director: Vic Scimeca

Vocal Director: TBA

Marching Band Director: Vic Scimeca

Scholastic Bowl Coach: Mike Willuweit  michael.willuweit@cusd200.org

Non-Competitive Activities — Head Coaches, Advisers, and Directors

Sideline Cheer Coach: Emili Schultz  emili.schultz@cusd200.org

Halftime Dance Coach: Tiffany Marconi  tiffany.marconi@cusd200.org

Student Council Adviser: Jeff Pawlak  jeffrey.pawlak@cusd200.org