Buffalo Grove

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Background Information


Season Summaries

(Titles, Won-Lost Records,

and Head Coaches)

Buffalo Grove High School

1100 W. Dundee Rd. (Google map, other maps)

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089


Phone: 847-718-4000


School Web Site: bghs.d214.org


Enrollment: 2004

Conference(s): Mid-Suburban League

Nickname(s): Bison (boys), Bison (girls)

Colors: Navy Blue/Burnt Orange/White

School Type: Public Coed

County: Cook

Cities in District: Arlington Hts. 85,000; Buffalo Grove 30,000; Wheeling

Board Division: 2, Legislative District: 4


IHSA Official Representative: Mark Schaetzlein  mark.schaetzlein@d214.org
   phone 847-718-4018   fax 847-718-4122

Superintendent: David Schuler  david.schuler@d214.org
   phone 847-718-7601   fax 847-718-7609

Principal: Jeff Wardle  jeff.wardle@d214.org
   phone 847-718-4010   fax 847-718-4122

Principal's Assistant: Debra Jacks  debra.jacks@d214.org

Boys Athletic Director: Kip North  christopher.nor@d214.org
   phone 847-718-4197   fax 847-718-4232

Boys Athletic Director's Assistant: Kym Corbett  kymberly.corbet@d214.org
   phone 847-718-4020  

Girls Athletic Director: Matt Myers  matt.myers@d214.org
   phone 847-718-4198   fax 847-718-4232

Girls Athletic Director's Assistant: Kym Corbett  kymberly.corbet@d214.org
   phone 847-718-4020  

Activities Director: Mark Schaetzlein  mark.schaetzlein@d214.org
   phone 847-718-4018   fax 847-718-4122

Activities Director's Assistant: April Wegrzyn  april.wegrzyn@d214.org
   phone 847-718-4019  

Boys Athletics — Head Coaches

Boys Baseball Head Coach: Tim Miller  tim.miller@d214.org

Boys Basketball Head Coach: Keith Peterson  keith.peterson@d214.org

Boys Cross Country Head Coach: Chris Marks  chris.marks@d214.org

Boys Diving Head Coach: Joe Eckert  joseph.eckert@ccsd21.org

Boys Football Head Coach: Jeffrey Vlk  jeffrey.vlk@d214.org

Boys Golf Head Coach: Peter Duffer  peter.duffer@d214.org

Boys Gymnastics Head Coach: Zack Crandall  zach.crandall@d214.org

Boys Soccer Head Coach: Darren Llewellyn  darete@aol.com

Boys Swimming Head Coach: Tom Cooney  thomas.cooney@d214.org

Boys Tennis Head Coach: Michael Naughton  michael.naughton@d214.org

Boys Track & Field Head Coach: Timothy Podulka  timothy.podulka@d214.org

Boys Volleyball Head Coach: Tim Kosiek  tim.kosiek@d214.org

Boys Water Polo Head Coach: Scott Kopecky  scott.kopecky@d214.org

Boys Wrestling Head Coach: Kurt Kutska  kurt.kutska@d214.org

Girls Athletics — Head Coaches

Girls Badminton Head Coach: Chris VanGrondelle  chris.vangronde@d214.org

Girls Basketball Head Coach: Steve Kolodziej  stephen.kolodzi@d214.org

Girls Bowling Head Coach: Chris VanGrondelle  chris.vangronde@d214.org

Girls Cross Country Head Coach: Martha Kelly  martha.kelly@d214.org

Competitive Cheerleading Head Coach: Jeff Siegal  jeffrey.siegal@d214.org

Competitive Dance Head Coach: Colleen Conley  bg.vpoms@d214.org

Girls Diving Head Coach: Joe Eckert  joseph.eckert@ccsd21.org

Girls Golf Head Coach: Jeff Grybash  jeff.grybash@d214.org

Girls Gymnastics Head Coach: Stephanie Schrader  stephanie.schra@d214.org

Girls Softball Head Coach: Whitney Dorsey  whitney.dorsey@d214.org

Girls Soccer Head Coach: Pat Dudle  patrick.dudle@d214.org

Girls Swimming Head Coach: MIchael McPartlin  michael.mcpartlin@d214.org

Girls Tennis Head Coach: Kevin Schrammel  kevin.schrammel@d214.org

Girls Track & Field Head Coach: Martha Kelly  martha.kelly@d214.org

Girls Volleyball Head Coach: Matt Priban  matthew.priban@d214.org

Girls Water Polo Head Coach: MIchael McPartlin  michael.mcpartlin@d214.org

Athletic Medical Staff

Certified Athletic Trainer: Tom Sullivan  Thomas.sullivan@d214.org

Certified Athletic Trainer: Kelly Stone  kelly.stone@d214.org

Activities — Head Coaches, Advisers, and Directors

Bass Fishing Coach: Brian Foecking  Brian.foecking@d214.org

Chess Coach: Jordie Field  jordie.field@d214.org

Debate Coach: Miguel Melgar  melgardebate@gmail.com

Speech Coach: Kurt Wagner  Kurt.wagner@d214.org

Newspaper Adviser: Stefanie McCleish  stefanie.mccleish@d214.org

Band Director: Henry Kappler  henry.kappler@d214.org

Orchestra Director: Elizabeth Bennett  elizabeth.bennett@d214.org

Vocal Director: Deb Utley  Debora.Utley@d214.org

Marching Band Director: Henry Kappler  henry.kappler@d214.org

Scholastic Bowl Coach: Richard Russell  richard.russell@d214.org

Non-Competitive Activities — Head Coaches, Advisers, and Directors

Sideline Cheer Coach: Jeff Siegal  jeffrey.siegal@d214.org

Halftime Dance Coach: TBA

Student Council Adviser: Rich Schram  rich.schram@d214.org