No-Hitters in Girls Softball State Final Tournament

(All complete games, plus efforts of seven innings or more in an extra-inning game.)

Year    Round         Pitcher                 School                        Opponent                  Score Innings
1986-A  Final         Julie Collins           Casey                         Genoa (G.-Kingston)        5-0    7
1987-A  Semifinal     Julie Collins           Casey (C.-Westfield)          Pinckneyville              5-0    7
1987-AA Quarterfinal  Maggie Moline           Winnetka (New Trier)          Park Ridge (Maine South)   1-0    7
1991-AA Quarterfinal  Amy Bradle (3 inn.)     Washington                    Chicago (Washington)      13-0    5
                       & Kim Hargis (2 inn.)
1994-A  Final         Korrie Klier            Rock Island (Alleman)         Williamsville              4-0    7 (P)
1994-AA Quarterfinal  Ashley Fauser           Morton                        St. Charles                4-0    7
1994-AA Quarterfinal  Lindsey Prezell         Mundelein (H.S.)              Chicago (Washington)      15-0    6
1994-AA Semifinal     Ashley Fauser           Morton                        Mundelein (H.S.)           2-0    7 (a)
1996-A  Third Place   Chrissy Way             Harrisburg                    Herscher                  11-0    7
1996-AA Third Place   Emily Gora              Glen Ellyn (Glenbard N.)      Chatham (Glenwood)         2-0    7
1998-A  Quarterfinal  Renee Mueller           Johnston City                 Macomb                     3-0    7
1999-A  Quarterfinal  Renee Mueller           Johnston City                 Macomb                     1-0    7
1999-A  Semifinal     Renee Mueller           Johnston City                 Lanark (Eastland)          0-1    7 1/3 (b)
1999-AA Final         Emily Granath           Machesney Park (Harlem)       Chatham (Glenwood)         1-0    7
2001-A  Quarterfinal  Amy Harre               Nashville                     Quincy (Notre Dame)        6-1    7
2002-A  Quarterfinal  Kelly Leseman (5 inn.)  Carrollton                    Sherrard                   9-0    7
                       & Alicia DeShasier (2 inn.)
2002-A  Quarterfinal  Brittany Lee            Pinckneyville                 Toledo (Cumberland)       10-0    5
2004-A  Semifinal     Holly Walden            Warrensburg (W.-Latham)       Rock Falls                 2-0   11 1/3 (c)
2005-AA Quarterfinal  Kaitlin Colosimo        Orland Park (Sandburg)        Barrington                 0-1    8 (d) 
2006-AA Quarterfinal  Jen Larsen (3 inn.)     Moline                        Belleville (East)         14-0    5
                       & Kim Lambert (2 inn.)
2009-1A Semifinal     Katie Bertelsen         Alexis (United)               Downs (Tri-Valley)         1-0    8 (e)
2009-4A Semifinal     Lauren Francis          Edwardsville (H.S)            Naperville (Central)       2-0    7
2009-4A Semifinal     Devin Miller            Wilmette (Loyola)             Palatine (Fremd)           1-0    8 (P)
2011-1A Semifinal     Katie Bertelsen         Alexis (United)               Toledo (Cumberland)        1-0    7
2015-1A Semifinal     Grace Baalman           Hardin (Calhoun)              Wayne City                 1-0    7
2015-4A Semifinal     Nikole Van Gennep       Frankfort (Lincoln-Way East)  Barrington                 11-0   5

NOTE: The pitcher's rubber was moved from 40 to 43 feet starting with the 2011 season.

(P) Perfect game.

(a) Fauser pitched 2 1/3 more hitless innings in the title game for a total of 16 1/3 consecutive hitless innings.
(b) Mueller allowed a hit in the 8th inning and lost the game in the 12th inning. Overall she pitched 14 1/3 consecutive hitless innings in the tournament.
(c) Walden allowed a hit in the 12th inning and won the game in the 20th inning. Overall she pitched 12 consecutive hitless innings in the tournament.
(d) Colosimo allowed a hit and lost the game in the 9th inning.
(e) Bertlesen allowed a hit in the 9th inning and won the game in the 11th inning.