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Archived State Series Information & Results

The following pages have been posted on the IHSA Web site since its inception in January 1996. The content and format of the pages may vary from year to year. Some images may be missing and some links may no longer work.

School Term Results
2022-23 final (TourneyWire)
2021-22 final (TourneyWire)
2020-21 final (TourneyWire)
2019-20 final (TourneyWire)
2018-19 final (TourneyWire)
2017-18 final (TourneyWire)
2016-17 final (TourneyWire)
2015-16 final (TourneyWire)
2014-15 final (TourneyWire)
2013-14 final (TourneyWire)
2012-13 final (TourneyWire)
2011-12 final (TourneyWire)
2010-11 final (TourneyWire)
2009-10 preliminary, final
2008-09 preliminary, final
2007-08 preliminary, final
2006-07 preliminary, final
2005-06 preliminary, final
2004-05 preliminary, final
2003-04 final
2002-03 final
2001-02 final
2000-01 final
1999-­2000 final
1998-99 preliminary, final
1997-98 preliminary, final
1996-97 final