Journalism Season Summaries

* Last updated at 10:25 am on Wednesday, December 5, 2018

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Season summaries include titles won (and the class they were won in), final place in state, final won-lost record, and head coach for all seasons submitted by the school or gathered from IHSA records.

A few titles are missing (complete list of missing titles). Changes and additions to these records may be made by school personnel through the IHSA Schools Center.

Key to titles: D–district, R–regional, S–sectional, U–super-sectional, Q–team qualifier for state finals, P–Chicago Public League champion (only when an automatic qualifier).

Urbana (H.S.)

Season Class Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
2010-11             Erin Ludwick
2011-12             Erin Ludwick

Urbana (University)

Season Class Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
2005-06   S         David Porreca
2006-07             David Porreca
2007-08   S 2       Dave Porreca
2008-09   S 1       David Porreca
2009-10   S         David Porreca
2010-11             Carol Lombardi
2011-12   S 2       Carol Lombardi & Joel Beesley
2014-15   S         Carol Lombardi