Boys Football Chronology

1885 Chicago (Lake View) beats Chicago (South Division) in the first known football game between Illinois high schools.
1974 First state football playoffs conducted; finals in five classes held at Hancock Stadium on the campus of Illinois State University, Normal.
1980 Playoffs expanded to six classes.
1981 Class 5A and 6A title games moved to Dyche Stadium on the campus of Northwestern University, Evanston.
1985 Playoffs expanded from 16 teams to 32 teams in each class; class 5A and 6A games returned to Hancock Stadium.
1991 "Football enrollment" concept established, taking into account enrollments of scheduled opponents.
1994 Playoffs seeded for the first time; quadrants used to group teams; Wednesday playoff game eliminated.
1996 Some classes seeded in halves or as a single group for the first time.
1999 Championship games moved to Memorial Stadium, Champaign.
2001 Playoffs expanded to eight classes of 32 teams each.
2002 All classes seeded in quadrants to reduce travel.
2006 Some classes seeded in halves again.
2007 "Football enrollment" concept eliminated.