Group Interpretation Season Summaries

* Last updated at 8:38 am on Friday, February 26, 2021

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Season summaries include titles won (and the class they were won in), final place in state, final won-lost record, and head coach for all seasons submitted by the school or gathered from IHSA records.

A few titles are missing (complete list of missing titles). Changes and additions to these records may be made by school personnel through the IHSA Schools Center.

Key to titles: D–district, R–regional, S–sectional, U–super-sectional, Q–team qualifier for state finals, P–Chicago Public League champion (only when an automatic qualifier to the state finals).


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
Harvey (Thornton) Q 1       Paul Swanson
Dolton (Thornridge) Q 2       Jan Benjamin & Tim Sweeney
Lincoln Q 3       Dan McLaughlin
Highland Park Q 4       Barbara Greener Patterson
Rochelle Q 5       Carol Weidmann & Jill Hogan
Belleville (West) Q 6       Bill Kirksey
Carbondale (H.S.) Q 7       Karen Mitchell & Eric Ewan
Berwyn (Morton West) Q 8       Richard C. Treadway
Wheaton (W.-Warrenville) Q 9       C.P. Palia
Stanford (Olympia) Q 10       Marge Risser & Pam Weinburner
Bensenville (Fenton) Q         Leah Johnson-Manos & Jim Seamon
Crystal Lake (Central) Q         Don Rourke


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
Wheaton (Central) Q 1       Anne Marie Gerace & Paula Schimmels
Crystal Lake (Central) DSQ 2       Don Rourke & Linda Gade
North Chicago Q 3       Duane Kovacek & Kathy Holloway
Flossmoor (Homewood-F.) SQ 4       Joanne Evans
Roselle (Lake Park) DSQ 5       Larry Studt
Buffalo Grove DSQ 6       John Marquette
Tremont DSQ 7       Joann Miller
Belleville (West) Q 8       John Seibert
Harvey (Thornton) Q 9       Jim Clark & Paul Swanstrom
Pekin DQ 10       Fred Vogt
East St. Louis (Sr.) DSQ         D. Tigue
Geneseo (Darnall) DQ         Harvey Green


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
Harvey (Thornton) Q 1       Paul Swanstrom & Pat Wozny
Lansing (Thornton Fractional South) RQ 2       Henry Hertz
Normal (University) RSQ 3       Sandra Zielinski
Crystal Lake (Central) Q 4       Don Rourke & Linda Gade
Tinley Park (Andrew) RSQ 5       Merle Marine
Pekin RQ 6       Fred Vogt
Belleville (West) RQ 7       John Seibert
Carbondale (H.S.) RSQ 8       Karen Mitchell
Des Plaines (Maine West) Q 9       Mariann R. Guyou
Rochelle RQ 10       Barbara Cantlin
Benton Q   0 0   Allan Kimball & Pam Johnson
Wheaton (Central) RSQ         J.B. Gerace & Janet Coye


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
Palos Heights (Shepard) RSQ 1       Chet Brown
Normal (University) RSQ 2       Sandra Zielinski
Northbrook (Glenbrook North) SQ 3       Chuck Dribin
Lansing (Thornton Fractional South) Q 4       Henry Hertz
East St. Louis (Lincoln) RQ 5       Ron Barbre
Downers Grove (South) Q 6       Jon Hires & Jan Heiteen
Peoria (Woodruff) RQ 7       Molly McCallen
Pekin Q 8       Fred Vogt
Lincoln SQ 9       Dan McLaughlin
Roselle (Lake Park) RQ 10       Larry Studt
Charleston Q         Tina Winings
Cicero (Morton East) Q         Kenneth Brooks
Benton R   0 0   Allan Kimball


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
Carbondale (H.S.) SQ 1       Karen S. Mitchell
Palos Heights (Shepard) SQ 2       Chet Brown
Des Plaines (Maine West) SQ 3       Mariann Guyan
Downers Grove (South) Q 4       Jon Hires & Jan Heiteen
East St. Louis (Lincoln) Q 5       Ronald Barbree
Tremont SQ 6       Joanne Miller
Lincoln Q 7       Dan McLaughlin & Tony Thomas
Roselle (Lake Park) Q 8       Larry Studt
Danville (H.S.) Q 9       James Beebee & Larry Voorhes
Mt. Prospect (Prospect) Q 10       John Marquette
Belleville (East) Q         Jemima Owens & Ann-Marie Ladner
Chicago Heights (Bloom Twp.) Q         Lisa A. Newkirk


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
Pekin SQ 1       Fred Vogt, Greg Lhamon, & Kevin Spengel
Northbrook (Glenbrook North) SQ 2       Chuck Dribin
Lansing (Thornton Fractional South) Q 3       Henry Hertz
Chicago Heights (Bloom Twp.) Q 4       Lisa Newkirk
Tinley Park (Andrew) SQ 5       Merel Marine, Sue McMahon, & John Powers
Roselle (Lake Park) Q 6       Larry Studt
Normal (University) Q 7       William Ducett & Rhonda Johnson
Carbondale (H.S.) Q 8       William Kirksey
Charleston Q 9       Tina Winings
DuQuoin (H.S.) SQ 10       Allan Kimball
Geneseo (Darnall) Q         Harvey Green & Joseph DeFauw


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
Chicago Heights (Bloom Twp.) SQ 1       John Reimler
South Holland (Thornwood) Q 2       Patricia Wozny, Karen Eldred, & Sheryl Clinton
Peoria (Richwoods) Q 3       Steve Peters
Downers Grove (South) SQ 4       Jon Hires, Jan Heiteen, & Paul Sass
Des Plaines (Maine West) Q 5       Mariann Guyan Oliver
Tinley Park (H.S.) Q 6       Mark Donaway
Pekin SQ 7       Fred Vogt & Kevin Spengel
Carbondale (H.S.) SQ 8       William Kirksey
Wheaton (Central) Q 9       Donna Messina
DuQuoin (H.S.) Q 10       Allan Kimball
Charleston Q         Tina Winings
Peoria (Woodruff) Q         Kenneth Freeburn & Carol Woodley


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
South Holland (Thornwood) SQ 1       Patricia Wozney
Northbrook (Glenbrook North) Q 2       Chuck Dribin
Tinley Park (H.S.) Q 3       Mark Donaway
Elk Grove Village (E.G.) Q 4       Karen Mitchell
Lansing (Thornton Fractional South) Q 5       Henry Hertz
Wheaton (Central) SQ 6       Donna Messina, John Powers, & Joe Gerace
Lincoln Q 7       Dan McLaughlin
Pekin RSQ 8       Fred Vogt
Geneseo (Darnall) RQ 9       Harvey Green
Charleston Q 10       Tina Winings
DuQuoin (H.S.) Q         Allan Kimball
Mt. Vernon (H.S.) SQ         Eric Ewan
Chicago Heights (Bloom Twp.) R          
Des Plaines (Maine West) R          
Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West) R          
Ottawa (Twp.) R          
Tinley Park (Andrew) R          
Tremont R          


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
Peoria (Richwoods) SQ 1       Steve Peters
Harvey (Thornton) RSQ 2       Michael L. Sanders & John E. Cash
Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West) Q 3       Michael Kolodziej
South Holland (Thornwood) RQ 4       Patricia J. Wozny, Cheryl Clinton, & Karen Eldred
Downers Grove (South) Q 5       Jon Hires & Jan Heiteen
Pekin RQ 6       Fred Vogt
DuQuoin (H.S.) Q 7       Allan Kimball
Northbrook (Glenbrook North) RSQ 8       Mark Linsenmayer & Charles Dribbin
Lincoln Q 9       Dan McLaughlin
Chicago Heights (Bloom Twp.) Q 10       Lisa Newkirk & John Reimler
Carbondale (H.S.) SQ         William Kirksey
Charleston Q         Tina Winings
Decatur (MacArthur) R          
Des Plaines (Maine West) R          
Geneseo (Darnall) R          
Oak Forest R          
Wheaton (Central) R          


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
Lansing (Thornton Fractional South) Q 1       Henry L. Hertz
South Holland (Thornwood) SQ 2       Karen Eldred
Peoria (Richwoods) Q 3       Steve Peters
Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West) Q 4       Mike Kolodziej
Palos Heights (Shepard) Q 5       Sharon Palmer & Larry Palmer
Downers Grove (South) SQ 6       Jon Hires & Jan Heiteen
Benton Q   0 0   Jane Rottschalk
Bloomington (H.S.) Q         Sharron Ervin
Charleston SQ         Tina Winings
DuQuoin (H.S.) Q         Allan Kimball
Flossmoor (Homewood-F.) Q         Jill Bonavia
Geneseo (Darnall) SQ         Harvey G. Green
Lincoln SQ         Dan McLaughlin
Palatine (Fremd) Q         Judy Klingner & Henry Sampson
Pekin Q         Steve Young
Peoria (Woodruff) Q         John R. Knight
Roselle (Lake Park) Q         Larry Studt
Wheaton (Central) SQ         Dona Messina & Joe Gerace