Baseball Season Summaries

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Season summaries include titles won (and the class they were won in), final place in state, final won-lost record, and head coach for all seasons submitted by the school or gathered from IHSA records.

A few titles are missing (complete list of missing titles). Changes and additions to these records may be made by school personnel through the IHSA Schools Center.

Key to titles: D–district, R–regional, S–sectional, U–super-sectional, Q–team qualifier for state finals, P–Chicago Public League champion (only when an automatic qualifier to the state finals).


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
Cicero (Morton East) RSQ 1 23 2   Dick Kucera
Wood River (East Alton-W.R.) RSQ 2 19 5   Chick Summers
Canton RSQ   16 6   Joe Adam
Chicago (Kelly) PQ   13 2   Steve Strocchia
Decatur (Eisenhower) RSQ   12 5 1 Clete Hinton
Marion (H.S.) RSQ   18 3   LeRoy Anderson
Peoria (H.S.) RSQ   22 7   Harry Whitaker
Skokie (Niles) RSQ   15 8   Jim Phipps
Belleville (Twp.) R          
Bloomington (H.S.) R   16 6   Carroll Wood
Centralia (H.S.) R          
Champaign (H.S.) R   19 4 1 Charlie Due
Chicago Heights (Bloom Twp.) R   7 6 1 Fred Jacobeit
Coal City R   17 4   John Dzuris
Colfax (Octavia) R          
Fairfield R          
Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West) R          
Lockport (Twp.) R   13 4   Bill Kappmeyer
Monmouth (H.S.) R          
Nokomis R          
North Chicago R   18 5   Guy Curtright
Oneida (ROVA) R          
Orangeville R   9 1   Dick Staas
Quincy (Christian Brothers) R          
Rockford (West) R   16 4   Chuck Wild
Springfield (H.S.) R         Dave Sponsler
Streator (Twp.) R   11 3   Jack Stephens
Taylorville R          
Vienna R   14 9   Bryan Kerley
LeRoy D          


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
Decatur (Eisenhower) RSQ 1 20 3 1 Clete Hinton
LaGrange (Lyons) RSQ 2       Dick Leiber
Centralia (H.S.) RSQ   20 8   Jerry Wilson
Chicago (Schurz) PQ   20 5   Bill Postl
Galesburg (H.S.) RSQ   17 8   Bob Frank
Minooka RSQ   16 8   Norm Miller
Rockford (East) RSQ   19 6   Ed Delaporte
Taylorville RSQ   20 4   Edward Bland
Batavia R          
Belleville (Twp.) R          
Bloomington (Trinity) R         John Snyder
Camp Point (Central) R   22 7    
Carbondale (H.S.) R          
Champaign (H.S.) R   16 7   Charlie Due
Donovan R          
Dundee R          
Freeport (H.S.) R         William Chance
Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West) R          
Greenville R   10 9   Gordon Rodgers
Harvey (Thornton) R          
Mattoon R          
Moline (H.S.) R          
Mt. Carmel R          
Mundelein (H.S.) R          
Peoria (H.S.) R          
Skokie (Niles West) R   16 5   Jim Phipps
Springfield (Feitshans) R          
Wolf Lake (Shawnee) R          
Wood River (East Alton-W.R.) R         Chick Summers
LeRoy D          


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
Des Plaines (Maine West) RSQ 1 23 3   Al Carstens
Granite City RSQ 2 25 9 1 Joe Fedora
Chicago (Schurz) PQ   19 5   Bill Postl
Danville (H.S.) RSQ   22 5   Kermit Radloff
Lockport (Twp.) RSQ   15 3   Bill Kappmeyer
Mound City RSQ          
Peoria (H.S.) RSQ   16 13   Swen Wallin
Streator (Twp.) RSQ   12 7   Jack Stephens
Armington R          
Aurora (East) R          
Berwyn (Morton West) R          
Blue Island (Eisenhower) R          
Carmi R   9 2   John Evers
Crystal Lake (H.S.) R   13 8   Fred Tipps
Edwardsville (H.S.) R   16 5   Hutton
Freeport (H.S.) R         William Chance
Kankakee (Sr.) R          
Moline (H.S.) R          
Monmouth (H.S.) R          
Nashville R   9 8   Roger Hake
Paris R          
Quincy (Sr.) R          
Rockford (Boylan Catholic) R   17 4   Ted Bacino
Springfield (Griffin) R          
Staunton R   15 6   Fred Brenzel
Steeleville R          
Villa Park (Willowbrook) R         Milt Weisbecker
Warrensburg (W.-Latham) R          
Williamsville R   15 2   Ellsworth Hartzell


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
Springfield (Griffin) RSQ 1 23 8   Dick Murawski
Skokie (Niles West) RSQ 2 21 3   Jim Phipps
Chicago (Taft) PQ   12 3   Ed Mitchell
Danville (H.S.) RSQ   24 2   Kermit Radloff
Marion (H.S.) RSQ   14 2   LeRoy Anderson
Pekin RSQ   16 12   Harry Anderson
Rock Island (Alleman) RSQ   17 4   Gene Henze
Rockford (Boylan Catholic) RSQ   18 6   Ted Bacino
Anna (A.-Jonesboro) R          
Atlanta R          
Batavia R          
Belleville (Twp.) R          
Bloomington (Trinity) R         John Snyder
Bradley (B.-Bourbonnais) R   9 6   Tom Hodgson
Decatur (MacArthur) R          
Des Plaines (Maine West) R   23 4   Al Carstens
Effingham (H.S.) R          
Elmhurst (York) R   12 9   Erl Ellingson
Galesburg (H.S.) R          
Granite City R          
Macomb (Western) R          
Mendon (Unity) R   11 10   Pat Keane
North Chicago R   20 5   Guy Curtright
Olney (East Richland) R   10 3   Bill Millspaugh
Park Forest (Rich East) R         John Berryman
Pinckneyville R          
Riverside (R.-Brookfield) R   7 11 1 Lossin
Rockford (Guilford) R          
Wenona R          


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
Peoria (Manual) RSQ 1 25 3   Ed Stonebock
Arlington Heights (St. Viator) RSQ 2 13 10   Len Sparacino
Chicago (Lane) PQ   20 7   Ed Papciak
Decatur (MacArthur) RSQ         Ray DeMoulin
Jacksonville (H.S.) RSQ         Bob Kraushaar
Peru (St. Bede) RSQ   18 3 1 Harold Gaffney
River Grove (Holy Cross) RSQ   21 4   Frank Mariani
Waterloo (H.S.) RSQ   21 7   Bob Klube
Albion (Edwards County) R   17 1   John Keener
Belleville (Twp.) R          
Bradley (B.-Bourbonnais) R   15 6   Tom Hodgson
Danville (H.S.) R   14 6   Kermit Radloff
Downers Grove (H.S.) R          
East St. Louis (Assumption) R          
Freeport (H.S.) R         William Chance
Galesburg (H.S.) R          
Lemont (H.S.) R          
Marion (H.S.) R          
Murphysboro R   15 8   Don Brewer
Normal (Community) R   17 3   Bob Kaiser
Park Forest (Rich East) R   13 7   John Berryman
Riverton R          
Rochelle R          
Rock Island (H.S.) R          
Rockford (West) R   15 6   Chuck Wild
Sciota (Northwestern) R          
Springfield (Lanphier) R          
Streator (Twp.) R   8 3   Jack Stephens
Waukegan (H.S.) R          


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
Northbrook (Glenbrook North) RSQ 1 21 4   Robert Watt
Park Ridge (Maine South) RSQ 2 19 4 1 Glen Van Proyen
Alton (Sr.) RSQ   19 9   Wayne Tyler
Chicago (Austin) PQ   22 7   Don Lukes
Danville (H.S.) RSQ   19 4   Kermit Radloff
Galesburg (H.S.) RSQ   19 6   Bob Beal
Murphysboro RSQ   17 8   Don Brewer
Rock Island (Alleman) RSQ   12 13   Gene Henze
Atlanta R          
Bardolph R          
Batavia R          
Carmi R   10 3   John Evers
Cicero (Morton East) R          
Clinton R          
Decatur (Eisenhower) R          
DuQuoin (H.S.) R   16 5   Ray Saunches
East Peoria R   14 9   Fritz Millard
Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West) R          
Granite City R          
Joliet (West) R   8 10   Frank Miller
Kankakee (Sr.) R          
Lansing (Thornton Fractional South) R         Len Zabroski
Peru (St. Bede) R          
Quincy (Sr.) R          
Rockford (West) R   11 9   Chuck Wild
Sparta R          
Springfield (H.S.) R   8 11   John Staats
Waukegan (H.S.) R          
Woodstock (Marian) R          


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
LaGrange (Lyons) RSQ 1       Dick Leiber
Peoria (Manual) RSQ 2 25 4   Ed Stonebock
Cairo RSQ   17 5 1 Bob Beck
Chicago (Mather) PQ   19 6   Chet Ziemba
Newton RSQ   15 2   Warren Wiman
Peru (St. Bede) RSQ   21 8 1 Harold Gaffney
Roxana RSQ   18 6   Charles Raich
Waukegan (H.S.) RSQ   21 5 1 Jack Mallory
Albion (Edwards County) R   12 3   John Keener
Belvidere (H.S.) R   13 9   Joe Lewis
Carbondale (H.S.) R          
Carlyle R   29 4   Don Taylor
Champaign (H.S.) R   15 2   Charlie Due
Chicago Heights (Bloom Twp.) R   6 8   Sam Piazza
Clinton R          
Decatur (Stephen Decatur) R          
Freeport (H.S.) R         William Chance
Galesburg (H.S.) R          
Granite City R          
Havana R   11 5   Dick Lounsberry
Hillside (Proviso West) R   12 10   Ed Gilbert
Jacksonville (H.S.) R          
Orland Park (Sandburg) R          
Oswego (H.S.) R   13 6   Ken Pickerill
Park Ridge (Maine East) R          
Plymouth R   22 2   Dave Swisegood
Taylorville R          
Washington R   14 10   Gary Bruington
West Chicago (H.S.) R   11 10 2 Bob Price


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
Peoria (Manual) RSQ 1 26 3   Ed Stonebock
Rockford (Guilford) RSQ 2 22 3   Herb Sisler
Albion (Edwards County) RSQ   14 5   John Keener
Berwyn (Morton West) RSQ   22 2   Stan Pace
Champaign (Central) RSQ   20 8   Charlie Due
Chicago (Lane) PQ   31 4   Ed Papciak
Skokie (Niles East) RSQ   13 9   Nick Odlivak
Springfield (Griffin) RSQ   28 5   Dick Murawski
Beardstown R          
Campbell Hill (Trico) R          
Carpentersville (Crown) R          
Decatur (St. Teresa) R          
DeKalb R          
Dolton (Thornridge) R   10 8   Don McAlvey
Galesburg (H.S.) R          
Harrisburg R          
Joliet (East) R          
Kankakee (McNamara) R          
Lebanon R   20 10   Dennis Symer
Newton R          
Normal (Community) R   23 6   Bob Kaiser
Northbrook (Glenbrook North) R          
Peru (St. Bede) R          
Pittsfield R   17 5   Toby Smith
Troy (Triad) R         Rich Mason
Valmeyer R          
Warsaw R          
Waukegan (H.S.) R          
Wheaton (North) R          


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
Chicago (Schurz) PQ 1 25 7   Cliff Pierce
Pekin RSQ 2 19 11   Jim Peterson
Alton (Sr.) RSQ   22 6 1 Wayne Tyler
DuQuoin (H.S.) RSQ   21 3   Ray Saunches
Highland Park RSQ   15 11   Jay Sanders
LaSalle (L.-Peru) RSQ   23 6   Huby Sarver
Naperville (H.S.) RSQ   20 3   Dick Smith
Newton RSQ   17 3   Warren Wiman
Aurora (Marmion Academy) R         Joe Nardone
Belleville (Althoff Catholic) R          
Calumet City (Thornton Fractional North) R          
Canton R          
Danville (H.S.) R   14 8   Bob Kay
Decatur (MacArthur) R          
Elgin (H.S.) R          
Elmhurst (Immaculate Conception) R   17 8   Ken Maziarka
Galesburg (H.S.) R          
Joliet (West) R   19 5   Frank Miller
Kankakee (Eastridge) R          
Lawrenceville R   12 1   Ron Felling
Mounds (Meridian) R          
Nokomis R          
Normal (Community) R   25 5   Bob Kaiser
Pittsfield R         Toby Smith
Quincy (Sr.) R          
Rockford (Guilford) R          
Skokie (Niles West) R   12 8   Jim Phipps
Springfield (Griffin) R          
Summit (Argo) R          


School Titles Place Won Lost Tied Coach
Cicero (Morton East) RSQ 1 23 4   Doug Peterson
Bradley (B.-Bourbonnais) RSQ 2 19 8   Don Dunlavy
Bloomington (H.S.) RSQ   21 9   Carroll Wood
Chicago (Lane) PQ   22 7   Ed Papciak
Elgin (H.S.) RSQ   18 4   Phil Haffner
Granite City RSQ   26 7   Gale Garbe
Mounds (Meridian) RSQ   20 2   Jim Byassee
Pekin RSQ   20 10   Rich Lee
Belleville (West) R   21 8   Chuck Hasenstab
Danville (H.S.) R   18 5   Bob Kay
Decatur (Stephen Decatur) R          
Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West) R          
Grayslake (H.S.) R          
Joliet (West) R   12 9 2 Frank Miller
LaSalle (L.-Peru) R   21 6   Huby Sarver
Mattoon R          
Naperville (H.S.) R          
Nashville R   16 5   Roger Hake
Northbrook (Glenbrook North) R          
Oak Lawn (Community) R   16 6 1 Joe Zajac
Olney (East Richland) R   9 6   Bill Millspaugh
Peoria (Manual) R          
Pittsfield R   17 6   Toby Smith
Quincy (Sr.) R          
Rock Island (Alleman) R   16 9   Gene Henze
Rockford (East) R          
Springfield (Southeast) R         Bob Kyes
Staunton R   16 4   Fred Brenzel
Sycamore (H.S.) R