Boys Wrestling Regional at Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) — 2013-14

* Last updated at 8:17 pm on Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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These results were submitted by the tournament or meet manager. If you notice an error or omission, please let us know immediately.

These results are posted as a convenience to fans and media, and need to be checked by the IHSA Office for accuracy and completeness. All names and results appearing on this report are subject to verification by the IHSA Office before advancement is official.

Manager's Comment: Marmion Academy Advances to Sectional witha score of 283.50

Team results

1 Aurora (Marmion Academy) 283.5
2 Wheaton (W. Warrenville South) 144.5
3 Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) 144.0
4 Naperville (North) 128.5
5 Aurora (Metea Valley) 88.00
6 Aurora (West Aurora) 74.00
7 Batavia 66.00
8 Naperville (Central) 46.50
9 Aurora (East) 40.50

106 Pounds

1 Isaac Jacquez (Fr.) Aurora (West Aurora) Dec 3-1
2 Jacob Kruk (Sr.) Naperville (North)  
3 Joseph Riordan (Jr.) Aurora (Metea Valley) Dec 4-3
4 Shuji Mizoguchi (So.) Naperville (Central)  

113 Pounds

1 Anthony Bosco (Sr.) Aurora (Marmion Academy) T- Fall
2 Axl Ariza (Jr.) Aurora (Metea Valley)  
3 Raul Ochoa (Sr.) Aurora (East) Dec 3-0
4 Michael Doranski (So.) Batavia  

120 Pounds

1 AJ Jaffe (So.) Aurora (Marmion Academy) Fall
2 Karlin Johnnic (Fr.) Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)  
3 Jake Toepfer (So.) Aurora (Metea Valley) Dec 6-2
4 Jake Hoffman (So.) Naperville (North)  

126 Pounds

1 Johnny Jimenez (Sr.) Aurora (Marmion Academy) MajDec 13-3
2 Ben Flores (Jr.) Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)  
3 Joseph Posledni (Fr.) Batavia Dec 8-7
4 Aaron Kruk (So.) Naperville (North)  

132 Pounds

1 Anthony Cheloni (Fr.) Aurora (Marmion Academy) Fall
2 Cory Drummond (Jr.) Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)  
3 Adam Burkhart (Jr.) Naperville (North) Dec 11-6
4 David Veitch (So.) Aurora (Metea Valley)  

138 Pounds

1 Jimmy Davis (Sr.) Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) MajDec 8-0
2 Ben Williamson (Jr.) Naperville (Central)  
3 Qarin Johnnic (Jr.) Wheaton (W. Warrenville South) Fall
4 Michael Callahan (So.) Aurora (Marmion Academy)  

145 Pounds

1 Andrew Ives (Jr.) Wheaton (W. Warrenville South) Dec 8-6
2 Matt Ferraro (So.) Aurora (Marmion Academy)  
3 Cesar Salinas (Sr.) Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) Dec 5-2
4 Dalton Weber (So.) Naperville (North)  

152 Pounds

1 Trace Carello (So.) Aurora (Marmion Academy) Dec 3-1
2 Kenan Carter (Jr.) Aurora (Metea Valley)  
3 Brandon Farias (Sr.) Aurora (West Aurora) Fall
4 Steve Schmult (So.) Naperville (North)  

160 Pounds

1 Sam Breen (Sr.) Aurora (Marmion Academy) MajDec 21-10
2 Samuel Elston (Jr.) Aurora (Metea Valley)  
3 Che Woodson (Sr.) Naperville (North) Dec 11-5
4 Mason Kroening (Fr.) Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)  

170 Pounds

1 Nick Ferraro (Sr.) Aurora (Marmion Academy) Dec 7-0
2 Jack Timberlake (Sr.) Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)  
3 Cain Bialas (Sr.) Wheaton (W. Warrenville South) Dec 12-9
4 Timothy Young (Jr.) Aurora (East)  

182 Pounds

1 Nathan Traxler (So.) Aurora (Marmion Academy) Dec 4-0
2 Mitch Kroening (Sr.) Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)  
3 Luke Landiak (Sr.) Naperville (North) Dec 8-7
4 Matthew Uchiyama (Sr.) Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)  

195 Pounds

1 Josh Meyers (Sr.) Aurora (Marmion Academy) Dec 9-7
2 Ben Brancaleon (Sr.) Naperville (North)  
3 Noah Frazier (Jr.) Batavia Dec 5-3
4 Max Ihry (So.) Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)  

220 Pounds

1 Lucas Warren (So.) Aurora (Marmion Academy) Dec 4-0
2 Connor McKeehan (Sr.) Batavia  
3 Anthony Napolitano (Sr.) Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) Dec 6-4
4 Chris Zhang (Jr.) Naperville (North)  

285 Pounds

1 Tyler Caldwell (So.) Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) Dec 3-1
2 Sam Deisher (So.) Aurora (West Aurora)  
3 Chris Beck (Fr.) Wheaton (W. Warrenville South) Dec 5-1
4 Oscar Garza (Sr.) Aurora (Marmion Academy)