Boys Wrestling Regional at Chicago (Mt. Carmel) — 2013-14

* Last updated at 8:17 pm on Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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These results were submitted by the tournament or meet manager. If you notice an error or omission, please let us know immediately.

These results are posted as a convenience to fans and media, and need to be checked by the IHSA Office for accuracy and completeness. All names and results appearing on this report are subject to verification by the IHSA Office before advancement is official.

Team results

1 Chicago (Mt. Carmel) 244
2 Chicago (St. Rita) 208.5
3 Chicago (Brother Rice) 140.5
4 Oak Lawn (Community) 138
5 Chicago (Hubbard) 39
6 Chicago (Curie) 27
7 Chicago (Kenwood) 18
8 Chicago (Juarez) 13
9 Chicago (Kelly) 1

106 Pounds

1 Austin O'Connor (Fr.) Chicago (St. Rita) 16-0
2 Yahya Thomas (Fr.) Chicago (Mt. Carmel)  
3 Mohammed Taylor (Fr.) Chicago (Brother Rice) 17-0
4 Giovanni Caban (Fr.) Oak Lawn (Community)  

113 Pounds

1 Rudy Yates (So.) Chicago (Brother Rice) 6-4
2 Jake Silzer (So.) Chicago (St. Rita)  
3 Jack Mulay (Fr.) Chicago (Mt. Carmel) F
4 Gerardo Abrego (So.) Chicago (Curie)  

120 Pounds

1 Colt Kielbasa (Sr.) Chicago (St. Rita) 3-0
2 Julian Blanco (Fr.) Chicago (Brother Rice)  
3 Christian Hall (Fr.) Chicago (Mt. Carmel) F
4 Johnathan Gonzalez (Jr.) Chicago (Juarez)  

126 Pounds

1 Rahman Johnson (Fr.) Chicago (Brother Rice) 7-0
2 Valentino Ortiz (Jr.) Chicago (St. Rita)  
3 Dillon Hoey (Fr.) Chicago (Mt. Carmel) F
4 Saleh Elayyan (Sr.) Oak Lawn (Community)  

132 Pounds

1 Jacob Tucker (So.) Chicago (Mt. Carmel) 14-1
2 Juan Blanco (Jr.) Chicago (Brother Rice)  
3 Sullivan Ronan (Sr.) Chicago (St. Rita) F
4 Mark Ferguson (So.) Oak Lawn (Community)  

138 Pounds

1 Mike Falco (Sr.) Chicago (St. Rita) 11-8
2 Paul Balich (Sr.) Chicago (Brother Rice)  
3 Miles O'Brien (So.) Oak Lawn (Community) 6-2
4 John Drozd (So.) Chicago (Mt. Carmel)  

145 Pounds

1 Jack Threloff (Sr.) Chicago (St. Rita) 3-1
2 Connor Guzier (Jr.) Chicago (Mt. Carmel)  
3 Alex Gomez (Sr.) Oak Lawn (Community) 5-4
4 Brendan Howard (Sr.) Chicago (Brother Rice)  

152 Pounds

1 Bryce Brill (Sr.) Chicago (Mt. Carmel) F
2 Ahmad Zain-Aldean (Sr.) Oak Lawn (Community)  
3 Pat Larkin (Fr.) Chicago (St. Rita) F
4 John Rodriguez (Sr.) Chicago (Juarez)  

160 Pounds

1 Joe Robinson (Jr.) Oak Lawn (Community) 5-1
2 David Riojas (Fr.) Chicago (Mt. Carmel)  
3 Jake McInnis III (Sr.) Chicago (Kenwood) 13-4
4 Ryan Barr (Sr.) Chicago (St. Rita)  

170 Pounds

1 Dru Worker (So.) Chicago (Mt. Carmel) F
2 Brandon Petis (Jr.) Chicago (Hubbard)  
3 Eduardas Simonelis (Jr.) Oak Lawn (Community) 8-3
4 Chuck Henrichs (Sr.) Chicago (St. Rita)  

182 Pounds

1 Jimmy Mickens (Sr.) Chicago (Mt. Carmel) 3-0
2 Nolan Parker (Sr.) Chicago (Brother Rice)  
3 Mike Pajor (Jr.) Oak Lawn (Community)  
4 Ray Keane (Sr.) Chicago (St. Rita)  

195 Pounds

2 Jeff Burzinski (Sr.) Oak Lawn (Community)  
3 Cole Ryan (Sr.) Chicago (Mt. Carmel) F
4 Matt Tucknott (So.) Chicago (Brother Rice)  

220 Pounds

1 Aaron Davis (Sr.) Chicago (Mt. Carmel) F
2 Rashawn Williams (Jr.) Chicago (Hubbard)  
3 Andrew Canedo (Sr.) Chicago (Brother Rice) F
4 Aaron Fletcher (So.) Chicago (Curie)  

285 Pounds

1 Matthew Reyes (So.) Chicago (Mt. Carmel) F
2 Tom Schofield (Jr.) Chicago (St. Rita)  
3 Justus Smith (Sr.) Chicago (Curie) 9-7
4 Ezaldean Khater (Jr.) Oak Lawn (Community)