Boys Wrestling Regional at Schaumburg (H.S.) — 2013-14

* Last updated at 8:17 pm on Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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These results were submitted by the tournament or meet manager. If you notice an error or omission, please let us know immediately.

These results are posted as a convenience to fans and media, and need to be checked by the IHSA Office for accuracy and completeness. All names and results appearing on this report are subject to verification by the IHSA Office before advancement is official.

Team results

1 Hoffman Estates (Conant) 247
2 Schaumburg (H.S.) 206
3 Roselle (Lake Park) 147
4 Des Plaines (Maine West) 117.5
5 Rolling Meadows 113.5
6 Park Ridge (Maine South) 82.5
7 Elk Grove Village (E.G.) 36
8 Hoffman Estates (H.S.) 28
9 Streamwood 23

106 Pounds

1 Hazen Rice (So.) Schaumburg (H.S.) Dec 9-2
2 Jason Giuliano (So.) Hoffman Estates (Conant)  
3 Jake Bess (So.) Park Ridge (Maine South) Dec 6-1
4 Jackson Kohlberg (Fr.) Rolling Meadows  

113 Pounds

1 Kyle Peisker (So.) Hoffman Estates (Conant) MajDec 8-0
2 Liam Collins (Fr.) Rolling Meadows  
3 Connor Schaul (So.) Park Ridge (Maine South) Dec 6-0
4 Eric Ortiz (So.) Schaumburg (H.S.)  

120 Pounds

1 Danny Madonia (So.) Hoffman Estates (Conant) MajDec 12-4
2 Eric Race (Sr.) Schaumburg (H.S.)  
3 Cameron Burkhardt (Jr.) Des Plaines (Maine West) Fall 3:51
4 Alex Ramirez (Sr.) Park Ridge (Maine South)  

126 Pounds

1 Adeel Afshar (Sr.) Des Plaines (Maine West) Dec 7-4
2 Tristan Zabinski (Jr.) Roselle (Lake Park)  
3 Marcus Williams (Sr.) Hoffman Estates (Conant) MajDec 12-4
4 Seung Kook You (So.) Streamwood  

132 Pounds

1 Bobby Alexander (Jr.) Hoffman Estates (Conant) Forf
2 Jackson Schoen (So.) Roselle (Lake Park)  
3 Brendan Lowe (Jr.) Des Plaines (Maine West) Fall 1:06
4 Jeremy Gumila (So.) Streamwood  

138 Pounds

1 Logan Gruszka (So.) Schaumburg (H.S.) Dec 3-0
2 Nicholas Catalano (So.) Hoffman Estates (Conant)  
3 Lamart Burres (Sr.) Rolling Meadows Dec OT 4-1
4 Dan Shirazi (Jr.) Roselle (Lake Park)  

145 Pounds

1 Nicholas Delporte (Fr.) Rolling Meadows MajDec 19-6
2 Kevin Mendoza (Sr.) Des Plaines (Maine West)  
3 Gus Karapanos (Sr.) Hoffman Estates (Conant) Dec 6-0
4 Olijah Sally (Fr.) Schaumburg (H.S.)  

152 Pounds

1 Griffin Rose (Jr.) Hoffman Estates (Conant) Dec 8-4
2 Tony Vezzetti (So.) Schaumburg (H.S.)  
3 Kasey Jauch (Jr.) Rolling Meadows Fall 3:46
4 Jake Riportella (Jr.) Des Plaines (Maine West)  

160 Pounds

1 Tom Brewster (Jr.) Park Ridge (Maine South) Dec 7-5
2 Daniel Andress (Jr.) Hoffman Estates (Conant)  
3 Luke Gruszka (Sr.) Schaumburg (H.S.) Fall 1:58
4 Ethan Hartowicz (Sr.) Elk Grove Village (E.G.)  

170 Pounds

1 Sadarris Patterson (Sr.) Schaumburg (H.S.) Dec 6-0
2 Joey Vogeny (Jr.) Des Plaines (Maine West)  
3 Sean Oldenburg (Jr.) Elk Grove Village (E.G.) Fall 4:58
4 Seungnak Shin (Jr.) Hoffman Estates (Conant)  

182 Pounds

1 Dardan Kadriu (Sr.) Rolling Meadows Dec 6-4
2 Kenny Jones (Jr.) Roselle (Lake Park)  
3 Mike Bruno (Jr.) Schaumburg (H.S.) Dec 5-3
4 Kevin Smith (Jr.) Hoffman Estates (Conant)  

195 Pounds

1 Matt Stopka (Sr.) Schaumburg (H.S.) Dec 5-2
2 Tyler Vittal (Jr.) Roselle (Lake Park)  
3 Nasir Ibrahim (So.) Park Ridge (Maine South) Dec 7-5
4 Andrew Zerfas (Jr.) Hoffman Estates (Conant)  

220 Pounds

1 Nico Daniello (Sr.) Roselle (Lake Park) Dflt
2 Michael Meier (Jr.) Hoffman Estates (Conant)  
3 Tyler Alanis (Jr.) Schaumburg (H.S.) Dec 2-0
4 Ruben Guerrero (Sr.) Rolling Meadows  

285 Pounds

1 Tyler LaBarbera (Sr.) Hoffman Estates (Conant) Dec OT 3-1
2 Matt Zolper (Sr.) Schaumburg (H.S.)  
3 Kameron Hardwick (Sr.) Roselle (Lake Park) Fall 1:06
4 Guadalupe Castillo Jr (Sr.) Hoffman Estates (H.S.)