Boys Swimming & Diving Sectional at Skokie (Niles North) — 2016-17

* Last updated at 6:23 pm on Saturday, February 18, 2017

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These results were submitted by the tournament or meet manager. If you notice an error or omission, please let us know immediately.

These results are posted as a convenience to fans and media, and need to be checked by the IHSA Office for accuracy and completeness. All names and results appearing on this report are subject to verification by the IHSA Office before advancement is official.

The results on this page include only those entries advancing to the state finals, except in diving, where the sectional champion advances to the state finals automatically, and an additional 32 at-large divers are chosen based on their scores. Some divers listed in sectional results will not advance to the state finals.

Manager's Comment: Swim Coach - Seth Orlove NN Diving Coach - Joe Wilson NN

The meet manager has submitted complete results in a PDF document.

Team scores

1 Winnetka (New Trier) 301
2 Skokie (Niles North) 235.5
3 Evanston (Twp.) 201.5
4 Wilmette (Loyola Academy) 182
5 Chicago (Northside) 142.5
6 Skokie (Niles West) 111
7 Park Ridge (Maine South) 92.5
8 Chicago (Von Steuben) 40
9 Chicago (Taft) 28
10 Niles (Notre Dame) 18
11 Niles (Northridge Prep) 13
12 Chicago (Lake View) 12
13 Chicago (Rickover Naval Academy) 4

200-Yard Medley Relay

Winnetka (New Trier) 1 1:33.14
Patrick Gridley (Jr.), Charlie Scheinfeld (Jr.), Philipp Srivastava (Sr.), Ryan Gridley (Jr.)
Evanston (Twp.) 2 1:36.69
Daniel Managlia (Sr.), Thomas Fies (Sr.), Sean McGuire (Sr.), Rafael de Gouvea (So.)

200-Yard Freestyle Relay

Skokie (Niles North) 1 1:24.49
Ethan Lee (Sr.), Jared Brown (Jr.), Anthony Zagorov (Jr.), Mitchell Mages (Sr.)
Winnetka (New Trier) 2 1:26.41
Mason McQuet (Sr.), Henry Yavitt (Sr.), Pierson Ohr (Jr.), Jack Walter (Sr.)

400-Yard Freestyle Relay

Winnetka (New Trier) 1 3:06.13
Ryan Gridley (Jr.), Patrick Drake (Sr.), Patrick Gridley (Jr.), Charlie Scheinfeld (Jr.)
Skokie (Niles North) 2 3:09.62
Ethan Lee (Sr.), Jared Brown (Jr.), Anthony Zagorov (Jr.), Mitchell Mages (Sr.)
Wilmette (Loyola Academy) 3 3:10.96
Daniel McGowan (Sr.), Luke Maurer (Fr.), Thomas Barr (Jr.), Nathaniel Guenther (Sr.)
Chicago (Northside) 4 3:11.30
Matthew Fernandez (Fr.), Tyler Shimada (Jr.), Gabe Piechnik (Jr.), Andreas Roeseler (Sr.)
Evanston (Twp.) 5 3:11.97
Sean McGuire (Sr.), Rafael de Gouvea (So.), Aidan Dillon (Jr.), Evan Ziolkowski (Sr.)

200-Yard Freestyle

Anthony Zagorov (Jr.) Skokie (Niles North) 1 1:41.76
Luke Maurer (Fr.) Wilmette (Loyola Academy) 2 1:42.01
Aidan Dillon (Jr.) Evanston (Twp.) 3 1:42.44
Daniel McGowan (Sr.) Wilmette (Loyola Academy) 4 1:43.87
Tommy Hackley (Jr.) Winnetka (New Trier) 5 1:44.28

200-Yard Individual Medley

Ryan Gridley (Jr.) Winnetka (New Trier) 1 1:51.24
Mitchell Mages (Sr.) Skokie (Niles North) 2 1:53.58
Patrick Gridley (Jr.) Winnetka (New Trier) 3 1:54.00
Nathaniel Guenther (Sr.) Wilmette (Loyola Academy) 4 1:55.78
Michael Zagorov (Jr.) Skokie (Niles North) 5 1:57.70

50-Yard Freestyle

Ethan Lee (Sr.) Skokie (Niles North) 1 21.28
Mason McQuet (Sr.) Winnetka (New Trier) 2 21.42
Andreas Roeseler (Sr.) Chicago (Northside) 3 21.49
Jared Brown (Jr.) Skokie (Niles North) 4 21.53
Rafael de Gouvea (So.) Evanston (Twp.) 5 21.72
Jack Walter (Sr.) Winnetka (New Trier) 6 21.83


Maxim Royzen (Sr.) Skokie (Niles North) 1 620.60
Harel Anolick (Jr.) Evanston (Twp.) 2 562.80
Christopher Canning (Sr.) Wilmette (Loyola Academy) 3 552.70
Trevor Nelson (So.) Evanston (Twp.) 4 510.05
Alex O'Toole (Jr.) Wilmette (Loyola Academy) 5 472.75
Jack Connolly (Jr.) Winnetka (New Trier) 6 433.80
Brendan O'Shaughnessy (Sr.) Skokie (Niles West) 7 430.80
Emerson Uhlig (Sr.) Park Ridge (Maine South) 8 361.45
Ethan Santiccioli (Jr.) Winnetka (New Trier) 9 351.90
Nicco Terlizzi (Jr.) Skokie (Niles West) 10 349.80

100-Yard Butterfly

Jack Walter (Sr.) Winnetka (New Trier) 1 51.72
Michael Zagorov (Jr.) Skokie (Niles North) 2 52.30

100-Yard Freestyle

Ryan Gridley (Jr.) Winnetka (New Trier) 1 46.13
Anthony Zagorov (Jr.) Skokie (Niles North) 2 46.68
Charlie Scheinfeld (Jr.) Winnetka (New Trier) 3 46.84
Andreas Roeseler (Sr.) Chicago (Northside) 4 47.07
Luke Maurer (Fr.) Wilmette (Loyola Academy) 4 47.07
Ethan Lee (Sr.) Skokie (Niles North) 6 47.37

500-Yard Freestyle

Aidan Dillon (Jr.) Evanston (Twp.) 1 4:37.22
Daniel McGowan (Sr.) Wilmette (Loyola Academy) 2 4:40.23
Tommy Hackley (Jr.) Winnetka (New Trier) 3 4:41.68
Ean Vandergraaf (Jr.) Winnetka (New Trier) 4 4:43.39

100-Yard Backstroke

Patrick Gridley (Jr.) Winnetka (New Trier) 1 50.15
Tommy Wilson (Jr.) Winnetka (New Trier) 2 52.46
Daniel Managlia (Sr.) Evanston (Twp.) 3 53.13

100-Yard Breaststroke

Charlie Scheinfeld (Jr.) Winnetka (New Trier) 1 55.56
Mitchell Mages (Sr.) Skokie (Niles North) 2 57.66
Jakob Kaminsky (Sr.) Winnetka (New Trier) 3 58.06
Nathaniel Guenther (Sr.) Wilmette (Loyola Academy) 4 59.00
Ethan Lim (Jr.) Chicago (Northside) 5 59.63

200-Yard Freestyle for Athletes with Disabilities

Kyle Avenir (So.) Skokie (Niles West) 1 2:55.44
Aaron Holzmueller (Jr.) Evanston (Twp.) 2 4:33.92

50-Yard Freestyle for Athletes with Disabilities

Kyle Avenir (So.) Skokie (Niles West) 1 37.69
Aaron Holzmueller (Jr.) Evanston (Twp.) 2 1:02.96

100-Yard Freestyle for Athletes with Disabilities

Kyle Avenir (So.) Skokie (Niles West) 1 1:25.59
Aaron Holzmueller (Jr.) Evanston (Twp.) 2 2:24.16

100-Yard Breaststroke for Athletes with Disabilities

Kyle Avenir (So.) Skokie (Niles West) 1 1:50.86
Aaron Holzmueller (Jr.) Evanston (Twp.) 2 3:01.59