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Scholastic Bowl

Aurora (Illinois Math and Science Academy) (22-1)

School Information

Name: Illinois Math and Science Academy
City: Aurora
City Population: 99,581
County: Kane
Enrollment: 865(3)
Nickname: Titans
Colors: Columbia Blue/Silver
Conference: Independent
Executive Director: Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall
Principal: Dr. Gregg Sinner
Head Coach: Gnanika Suriarachchi
Assistant Coach:
Captains: Benjamin Huizenga, Michael Suh, Neal Groothuis


Name                       Age  Yr.
Mark Ciaccio                16  Jr.
Kevin Costello              15  So.
Charley Ding                16  Jr.
Neal Groothuis              17  Sr.
Benjamin Huizenga           16  Sr.
Nathan Leung                15  So.
Peter McFerrin              14  So.
John McFerrin               16  Jr.
Mathan Shanmugham           16  Sr.
Michael Suh                 16  Sr.

Head Coach Gnanika Suriarachchi

Year   W-L       
1995   -         
1996   16-3       (1st)
1997   22-1      

School                             Years     No.     W-L       
At Aurora (Illinois Math & Science Academy)1995-97   3       38-3      
Total                                        3       38-3      

For Aurora (Illinois Math and Science Academy)'s previous state tournament history, please see the Record Book.