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Scholastic Bowl

Breese (Central) (28-7)

School Information

Name: Central High School
City: Breese
City Population: 4,000
County: Clinton
Enrollment: 539
Nickname: Cougars
Colors: Purple/White
Conference: Cahokia
Superintendent: James A. Groff
Principal: B. Kent Jones
Head Coach: Richard Bagby
Assistant Coach:
Captain: Dan Furtwengler


Name                       Age  Yr.
Nick Bagby                  17  Jr.
Ben Baro                    15  So.
Adam Furtwengler            15  So.
Dan Furtwengler             18  Sr.
Kristin Linthicum           15  So.
Corey Mueller               15  So.
Carl Poettker               16  Jr.
Craig Steinman              16  Jr.
Steve Tobin                 15  So.
Elizabeth Voss              15  So.

Head Coach Richard Bagby

Year   W-L       
1995   16-11     
1996   25-8      
1997   28-7      

School                             Years     No.     W-L       
At Breese (Central)                1995-97   3       69-26     
Total                                        3       69-26     

For Breese (Central)'s previous state tournament history, please see the Record Book.