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Scholastic Bowl

Ottawa (Marquette) (35-5)

School Information

Name: Marquette High School
City: Ottawa
City Population: 18,166
County: LaSalle
Enrollment: 266
Nickname: Crusaders
Colors: Blue/Gold
Conference: Tri-County
Principal: Jim Messaglia
Head Coach: Dennis Czerny
Assistant Coach:
Captain: Chris Vicich


Name                       Age  Yr.
Luis Bacayo                 17  Sr.
Will Cuffe                  14  Fr.
Mike Durdan                 14  Fr.
Trevor Farrell              17  Jr.
Bridget Graham              17  Sr.
Mike Guerrini               16  So.
Kurt Meinz                  17  Sr.
Tim Pachter                 17  Sr.
Joe Prosapio                15  So.
Chris Vicich                17  Sr.

Head Coach Dennis Czerny

Year   W-L       
1996   28-4       (4th)
1997   35-5      

School                             Years     No.     W-L       
At Ottawa (Marquette)              1996-97   2       63-9      
Total                                        2       63-9      

For Ottawa (Marquette)'s previous state tournament history, please see the Record Book.