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  Individual Events State Final Qualifiers 2000-01 

Dramatic Duet Acting
Dramatic Interpretation
Extempore Speaking
Humorous Duet Acting
Humorous Interpretation
Impromptu Speaking
Oratorical Declamation
Original Comedy
Prose Reading
Radio Speaking
Special Occasion Speaking
Verse Reading
Performance in the Round

If you find a listing is in error, please send the IHSA a note or call the IHSA immediately at (309) 663-6377.

 Dramatic Duet Acting

Amanda Reynolds and Beth Saxe, Benton
Mama Drama
Kyle Jackson and Taylor Nelms, Carbondale
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Charissa Hunt and Jake Bonham, Chatham (Glenwood)
Bunny Bunny
Beth Lach and Katarina Ruscic, Downers Grove (South)
The Apple Doesn't Fall
Jack Treptow and Matthew Churilla, Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
Shakespeare's R&J
David Sargent and Sarah Lee, Glenview (Glenbrook South)
Test Tube Lives
Ebony White and Rikeita Harris, Harvey (Thornton)
The Eclipse
Marisha Kane and Michael Smith, Heyworth
Danny and the Deep Blue Sea
Allison Leonard and Kyle Pepperell, Lincoln
Devin Tolar and Jennifer Swilley, Maywood (Proviso East)
Bill Prokopow and Christina Cain, Northbrook (Glenbrook North)
The Man Who Couldn't Dance
Kristine Heiting and Lisa Berube, Orland Park (Sandburg)
For Both of Us
Adam Poss and Mike Peters, Oswego
Scooter Thomas Makes It to the Top of the World
Molly Quinn and Tom Lyons, Ottawa (Twp.)
The Valiant
Callen Herring and Todd Kempel, Pearl City
Matt Sanders and Meg Hodge, Pekin
The Voice of the Prairie
Kelly Winfrey and Lindsay Scott, Peoria (Woodruff)
Julie Johnson
Adam Wolf and Elise Duy, Sandwich
Devious Dating
Erin Mitchell and Mandy Finfrock, Stanford (Olympia)
Keely and Du
Anders Walker and Copper Tuma, West Chicago (H.S.)
Everything you're giving me are just things you're giving me
Colleen Kehoe and Ricky Staub, Wheaton (North)
Black and Blue

 Dramatic Interpretation

Rebecca Hamlin, Bloomington (H.S.)
How I Learned to Drive
Stephanie Jagst, Byron
A Thing Of Beauty
Annie Ferguson, Champaign (Centennial)
Justin Farley, Dolton (Thornridge)
In My Father's House
Camille Kuthrell, Downers Grove (South)
Pretty Fire
Stephen White, DuQuoin
Amber Friendly, Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
Kimberly Downes, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
My Left Breast
Kelly Klein, Glenview (Glenbrook South)
Crippled Lady
Tristan Lemme, Lincoln
The Perfect Ganesh
Nathan Hopping, London Mills (Spoon River Valley)
Ellie Atwood, Marion (H.S.)
Dancing with a Devil
Dan Gerdes, Morton
The Only Thing Worse You Could Have Told Me...
Mike Leve, Northbrook (Glenbrook North)
Dominick and Eugene
Caleb Kosek, Oak Lawn (Community)
A Chorus Line
Jillian Riewerts, Port Byron (Riverdale)
Crippled Lady
Marta Kuersten, Des Plaines (Maine West)
Christine Saba, Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)

 Extempore Speaking

Ronn Vanderhyden, Braidwood (Reed-Custer)
Stephanie Stoll, Byron
Kyle Garton, Champaign (Centennial)
Rob Cook, Downers Grove (South)
Joanna Kretchmer, Evanston (Twp.)
Becky Brandman, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
Steven Abramowitz, Glenview (Glenbrook South)
Matt Oshel, Harrisburg
Jon Massman, Heyworth
Harsha Rao, Hoffman Estates (Conant)
Joshua Johnson, Metropolis (Massac County)
Amber Hicks, Morris
Michael Roesch, Mt. Vernon
Steve Ford, Orland Park (Sandburg)
Amy Buenning, Palatine (Fremd)
Erica Heeg, Pekin
Sean Murphy, Rock Island (Alleman)
Mitch Colgan, Toulon (Stark County)
Andrew Verstein, Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)

 Humorous Duet Acting

Codey Girten and Nathan Mullen, Benton
The Bible: The Complete Word of God (Abridged)
Grace Torrence and Steve Fanning, Carbondale
Drew Daly and Paul Beck, Charleston
PS Your Cat Is Dead
Carl Ruthman and Jon Popp, Chillicothe (Illinois Valley Central)
The Complete History of America (Abridged)
Dustin Guzior and Kristin King, Downers Grove (North)
The Marriage Counselor
Cristina Panfilio and Jeff Blum, Downers Grove (South)
Let's Go Already!
Stephanie Uzureau and Tamara Joy Fleischer, Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
God (from Parallel Lives)
Kyna Forkins and Steve LaFontaine, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
Jerry Finnegan's Sister
Bill MacFadden and Kelly Klein, Glenview (Glenbrook South)
The Marriage Counselor
Maggie Hart and Tyler Billman, Harrisburg
The Marriage Counselor
Carissa VanAusdall and David Harmon, Monmouth (H.S.)
Beyond Therapy
Danke Scepanovic and Kristin Chirico, Naperville (Neuqua Valley)
Amy Zavala and Marc Palluck, Oak Lawn (Community)
Single White Female
Jeremiah Galvan and Joe Galvan, Ottawa (Twp.)
Of Grapes And Nuts
Cathy Martin and Lisa Beyer, Pekin
Mina Tonight!
Carl Bryan and Ken Young, Sandwich
The Complete History of America (Abridged)
Erin Mitchell and Jon Duvall, Stanford (Olympia)
Titanic (Abridged)
Joe Kreeger and John Loos, Sterling (H.S.)
Some Things You Need to Know Before the World Ends
Carrie Barnes and Ricky Staub, Wheaton (North)
Moose Mating

 Humorous Interpretation

Aaron Lambert, Belleville (East)
The Colored Museum
Rebecca Hamlin, Bloomington (H.S.)
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Joe Tanner, Braidwood (Reed-Custer)
Robin Hood
Grace Torrence, Carbondale
The Spanish Inquisition
Immanuel Payne, Dolton (Thornridge)
For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls
Cristina Panfilio, Downers Grove (South)
Stay Carl Stay
Rachel Albers, Elmhurst (York)
Little Red Riding Hood
Matthew Churilla, Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
The Cat in the Hat
Katie Imbeau, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard South)
Office Hours
Katherine Fultz, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
Cinderella Wore Combat Boots
David Sargent, Glenview (Glenbrook South)
God, The Ultimate Autobiography
Caleb Portee, Harrisburg
Michael Ashford, Oak Park (O.P.-River Forest)
Let Sleeping Beauties Lie
Leah Wessman, Orland Park (Sandburg)
Best in Show
Cori Veverka, Oswego
Murder by Death
Kelly Monroe, Ottawa (Twp.)
The Glass Mendacity
Jason Hawbecker, Pearl City
The Actor's Nightmare
Ben Thomas, Pekin
Point of Order
Liz Mead, Port Byron (Riverdale)
I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
Darcie Toliver, Stanford (Olympia)
The Perils of LuLu
Rawson Vint, Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)
Coming Attractions

 Impromptu Speaking

Tessa Marusarz, Carbondale
Laura Wendel, Chatham (Glenwood)
Megan Rooney, Downers Grove (North)
Kate Danziger, Downers Grove (South)
Emily Holland Barrett, Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
Emily McGruder, Geneseo (Darnall)
Dan Knaus, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
Matt Oshel, Harrisburg
Jon Massman, Heyworth
Dan Schier, Hoffman Estates (Conant)
Anne Gonzalez, Normal (Community West)
Lakshimi Sridharan, Northbrook (Glenbrook North)
Anna Freidinger, Pekin
Kristin Gates, South Holland (Thornwood)
Joe Kreeger, Sterling (H.S.)
Omar Yunus, Washington
Amanda Azon, Wheaton (North)
Andrew Verstein, Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)

 Oratorical Declamation

Kyle Kratky, Belleville (West)
In Defense of *$##@&$%#
Codey Girten, Benton
A Reel Doctor's Advice to Some Real Doctors
Anita Kavuu, Buffalo Grove
A Talk with Oprah Winfrey
Nick Meyer, Byron
Address to The Julliard School of the Performing Arts
Elizabeth Moncada, Charleston
Already Perfect
Aldo Burcheri, Chicago (Marist)
The Fruits of Frustration
Narissa Nonzee, Downers Grove (South)
Superwoman is Dead...!
Amber Friendly, Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
If You Could See Us Now
Scott Tharp, Franklin Park (Leyden)
The Lion & Me
Stephanie Sorn, Freeport (H.S.)
Is That Your Final Answer
Dan Knaus, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
Living With The Look
Allison Tibbs, Gurnee (Warren)
What's Wrong With Black English?
Annie Koons, Heyworth
Villanova Commencement Address
Shana Jones, Mt. Vernon
The Nancy Hanks Lecture on Arts & Public Policy
Sarah Popek, Naperville (Neuqua Valley)
At the Old Ballgame
Cole Williams, Pekin
It's Time to Remember That Kids Are Just Kids
Jackie Chu, Peoria (Richwoods)
Now It's Time for Generation Next
Kimberly Allen, South Holland (Thornwood)
A Better Looking Dog
Jessie Dunnan, Stanford (Olympia)
Still Here


Gabrielle Ponce, Carbondale
From Appreciation to Obsession: Learning Not to Overemphasize Beauty
Beth Rooney, Downers Grove (North)
Dan: Portrait of a Teenage Cynic
Robin Johnson, Dunlap
Listen Up, 'Cause I'm Gonna Preach
Jeewon Lee, Elk Grove Village (E.G.)
Oh No, OO!!
Kimberly Coomes, Geneseo (Darnall)
Say Goodbye To Your Crankiness
Chris Connelly, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
The Dawning of Common Dreams
Jackie Roe, Glenview (Glenbrook South)
I'm Always Right
Annie Koons, Heyworth
From the Front Porch to the Chat Room
Colleen Fitzsimmons, Lincoln
All The Time There Is
Anne Yatco, Morris
Hate: A Crime in Itself
Shana Jones, Mt. Vernon
Who's Going to School With Your Kids?
Kristin Chirico, Naperville (Neuqua Valley)
Rebel Without a Clue
Natalie Morand, Northbrook (Glenbrook North)
Peter Pan in 2001
Amy Zero, Oak Lawn (Community)
Matt Sanders, Pekin
The Thanksgiving Dictator
Heather Swanson, Rock Island (H.S.)
One Voice
Jessie Dunnan, Stanford (Olympia)
Where Have All the Atticus Finches Gone?
Ariella Omholt, Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)
From Me to We

 Original Comedy

Kevin McMahon, Byron
Accidentally Talented
Steve Fanning, Carbondale
Updating Philip Morris' Image
Paul Beck, Charleston
Tour Time With Tammy Sue
Jake Bonham, Chatham (Glenwood)
Public Transportation and Its Relation to the Haggis Industry
Jeff Blum, Downers Grove (South)
I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Tyler Billman, Harrisburg
Exorcise the Demons
Charles Ayers, Harvey (Thornton)
Buttkicking 101
Chris Hwang, Hoffman Estates (H.S.)
My Asian Angel
Rebekah Stevens, Lincolnshire (Stevenson)
I'm On a Roll
Monica Shete, Naperville (North)
When Candy Goes Stale
Kenneth Metroff, Normal (Community)
Getting After It
Marc Palluck, Oak Lawn (Community)
The Big Scoop
Phillip Sadler, Orland Park (Sandburg)
A Comedy of Biblical Proportions
Jeremiah Galvan, Ottawa (Twp.)
Billy, a Nanny, Dryboy, Mr. Bubbles, Rubber Ducky, and Co.
Lacy Lowrey, Pekin
When Weddings Go Bad!
Scott Pyle, Peoria (Woodruff)
Scottie vs. Big Bird
Chancellor Turner, South Holland (Thornwood)
Ms.-Taken Identity
Michael Kristula, Villa Park (Willowbrook)
Dancin' Fool

 Prose Reading

Nathan Mullen, Benton
Gabrielle Ponce, Carbondale
Michael Fagin, Chicago (Marist)
Drew Gulley, Downers Grove (South)
Jack Treptow, Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
Chris Connelly, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
Megan McCarthy, Gurnee (Warren)
Allison Leonard, Lincoln
Kelly Venn, Naperville (Neuqua Valley)
David Foster, Normal (University)
Dan Holloway, Orland Park (Sandburg)
Seth Bogner, Paxton (P.-Buckley-Loda)
Kamal Bolden, Peoria (H.S.)
Lindsay Scott, Peoria (Woodruff)
Sara Bicknell, Stanford (Olympia)
Jacob Wallingford, Sterling (H.S.)
Lindsay Wiegolewski, Wheaton (North)
Ariella Omholt, Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)

 Radio Speaking

Andrew Miller, Belleville (East)
Carolyn Aiken, Benton
Keegan Killian, Bloomington (Central Catholic)
Jason Parkinson, Canton
Grace Yang, Champaign (Centennial)
Allison Quatrini, Downers Grove (South)
Kotim Pak, Elk Grove Village (E.G.)
Rebecca Miller, Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
Steve LaFontaine, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
Betsy Fritz, Gurnee (Warren)
Abrigail Sasse, Lincoln
Nicholas LeMay, Mt. Vernon
Natalie Morand, Northbrook (Glenbrook North)
Brian Caster, Oak Lawn (Community)
Tahman Bradley, Olympia Fields (Rich Central)
Tom Lyons, Ottawa (Twp.)
Evan Bonnett, Pekin
Angela Jaimes, Rock Island (H.S.)
Stephanie Wheatley, Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)

 Special Occasion Speaking

Lisa Hutmacher, Bloomington (H.S.)
Me First
Tessa Marusarz, Carbondale
Technology Up, Interpersonal Skills Down
Stephen Fontana, DeKalb
We'll Go Down in History
Kate Danziger, Downers Grove (South)
To the Mattresses!
Stacey Dembo, Glenview (Glenbrook South)
Hair's to You
Annie Calhoun, Gurnee (Warren)
Anger Management
Ethan Fife, Harrisburg
This is a Test ...
Austin Bell, Heyworth
The Psychology Club Speaker--The Fear of Phobias
Matt Hall, Mt. Vernon
The Lingo of Language
Mike Mauloff, Naperville (Central)
Living in a Van
Joe Fernandez, Naperville (Neuqua Valley)
Melting Pot Myth
Amy Zavala, Oak Lawn (Community)
Read Between the Lines
Tahman Bradley, Olympia Fields (Rich Central)
Surf's Up
Leah Wessman, Orland Park (Sandburg)
Jon Meinen, Pekin
What's the Sin in Cynicism?
Brianna Thomas, Peoria (Woodruff)
Chia Pets on Prozac
Niki Zilm, Rochelle
A Weighty Issue
Angela Jaimes, Rock Island (H.S.)
Red, Hot, and Sporty. . .

 Verse Reading

Sara Jaramillo, Bartonville (Limestone)
David Tolemy, Bensenville (Fenton)
Kristina Herrndobler, Benton
Cory Stephen Kelley, Carbondale
Erica Schneider, Champaign (Centennial)
Camille Kuthrell, Downers Grove (South)
Kate DeGroot, Eureka
Christina Martinez, Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
Katie Klipp, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
Sarah Lee, Glenview (Glenbrook South)
Jessica Burden, Heyworth
Jessica Herzing, Mt. Vernon
Sarah Popek, Naperville (Neuqua Valley)
Kristine Heiting, Orland Park (Sandburg)
Amanda Looney, Stanford (Olympia)
Nick Rodriguez, Sterling (H.S.)
Ryan Arndt, Wheaton (North)
Tom Dunn, Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)

 Performance in the Round

Silent Snow, Secret Snow
Holler If You Hear Me
An Actor's Nightmare
The Complete History of America (Abridged)
Chatham (Glenwood)
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Raised on TV
Dolton (Thornridge)
Downers Grove (South)
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4
The Quiet Place
Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
The Hitch Hiker
Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
Oak Park (O.P.-River Forest)
The Yellow Boat
Orland Park (Sandburg)
Italian Funerals and Festive Occasions
Pearl City
Our Town
Rock Island (H.S.)
The True Story of the Three Little Pigs as Told by A. Wolf
Wheaton (North)
The Greatest Generation
Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)

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