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  Individual Events State Final Qualifiers 1997-98 

Dramatic Duet Acting
Dramatic Interpretation
Extempore Speaking
Humorous Duet Acting
Humorous Interpretation
Impromptu Speaking
Oratorical Declamation
Original Comedy
Prose Reading
Radio Speaking
Special Occasion Speaking
Verse Reading
Performance in the Round

If you find a listing is in error, please send us a note immediately or call the IHSA at (309) 663-6377.

 Dramatic Duet Acting

Heidi Krug and Jason Webb, Benton
Within the Shadows
Adriane Fink and Bilal Zaheer, Canton
The Butcher's Daughter
Alison Guernsey and Jon Haller, Carbondale
Medal of Honor Rag
Christina Fleming and Raven Cobb, Downers Grove (South)
Family Portrait
Melanie Smigelski and Miles Reidelberger, DuQuoin
The Shadow Box
Anna McElroy and Stevie Bilbro, Elk Grove Village (E.G.)
Jeff Erickson and Stacey Stewart, Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
Twilight of the Golds
Brett Halloran and Mike Hall, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
The Old Boy
Andrew Kutemeier and Brian Smith, Heyworth
Willie Wallace Chats with the Kids
Adam Zigrossi and Marilee Craig, Joliet (Twp.)
A Different Moon
Jennifer Sydney and Jon Fulk, Lincoln
I'm Not Rappaport
Cecil Loggins and Charles Loggins, Maywood (Proviso East)
Brian Asbury and Jessica Mahrt, Morton
Crystal Clear
Jessica Vasquez and Veronica Espinosa, Oak Lawn (Community)
Lady House Blues
Dan Mammano and Nina Nevins, Ottawa (Twp.)
The Yellow Boat
C.J. McBride and Zoe Clancy, Peoria (Woodruff)
Twilight of the Golds
Alison McDonald and Janelle Lietz, Roselle (Lake Park)
Autumn Leaves
Katie Judge and Liz Platipodis, Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)
Always...Patsy Cline

 Dramatic Interpretation

Heidi Krug, Benton
Amber Schultz, Braidwood (Reed-Custer)
Brad Gustave, Carbondale
Road Trip
Chris Denham, Chicago (Marist)
Does a Tiger Wear a Neck Tie?
Miles Reidelberger, DuQuoin
The Elephant Man
Jillian Schultz, Evanston (Twp.)
Emma's Child
Brett Halloran, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
All My Sons
Arian Moayed, Glenview (Glenbrook South)
The Boys Next Door
Larnelle Foster, Gurnee (Warren)
Abby Gerdts, Lincoln
The Shadow Box
Danielle Strle, Normal (Community West)
David's Mother
Jessica Vasquez, Oak Lawn (Community)
Jennifer Oedewaldt, Pekin
Marvin's Room
Lindsay Morgan, Peoria (Richwoods)
The Most Massive Woman Wins
Jaime Riewerts, Port Byron (Riverdale)
Keeping Tom Nice
Jeff Watters, Rock Island (H.S.)
Christine Rose, Roselle (Lake Park)
Broken Bones
Cesili Williams, South Holland (Thornwood)
Third & Oak: The Laundromat
David May, Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)
The Old Boy

 Extempore Speaking

Julia Pleasant, Bartonville (Limestone)
Helen Dick, Bloomington (H.S.)
Swastik Sinha, Carbondale
Elizabeth Dedman, Champaign (Centennial)
Blake Johnson, Charleston
Chuck Lamphier, Chicago (Marist)
Justin Conley, Chillicothe (Illinois Valley Central)
Stephen Clark, DeKalb
Kathy Rooney, Downers Grove (North)
Sanjay Sood, Downers Grove (South)
Mithra Hariharan, Elk Grove Village (E.G.)
Angela Williamson, Heyworth
Shubham Mukherjee, Hoffman Estates (Conant)
Aaron Saxe, Mt. Vernon
Anthony Cerceo, Oak Lawn (Community)
James Dunleavy, Orland Park (Sandburg)
John Dodd, Peoria (H.S.)
Tuan Ngo, Peoria (Woodruff)
Danielle Choi, Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)

 Humorous Duet Acting

Amanda Marma and Jill Schultz, Braidwood (Reed-Custer)
Family Names
George Collins and Jon Haller, Carbondale
Gangster Apparel
Brad Fletcher and Peter Fiori, Crystal Lake (South)
Pillow Talk
Josie Yousef and Laura Grey, Downers Grove (South)
The Role of Della
Dan Purdom and Tim Schuett, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
Peter Scott and Scott Kording, Jacksonville (H.S.)
This Man Needs Help
Joe Schenck and Lauren Whalen, Jacksonville (Routt)
The Compleat Wks of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged)
Cory Gerdts and Jennifer Sydney, Lincoln
Jerry Finnegan's Sister
Brian Asbury and Paige Cone, Morton
Open to Interpretation
Hunter Seamons and Marc Rosenmutter, Northbrook (Glenbrook North)
Three Step Method
Angela Hirth and Becky Skrudland, Northlake (Leyden)
The Short Happy Life...
Brenda Davidson and Erik Martig, Oak Lawn (Community)
Archy & Mehitable
Jeff Blankman and Katie Rich, Orland Park (Sandburg)
The Valentine Fairy
Adam Rowe and Corey Stisser, Ottawa (Twp.)
Duck Variations
Hannah Phillips and Matt Sanders, Pekin
The Prettiest Girl in Lafayette County
Chip Joyce and Joe Stoltz, Peoria (Woodruff)
Harry and Sam Dialogues
Becky Bull and Derek Wainwright, Port Byron (Riverdale)
Jerry Finnegan's Sister
Kim Crosby and Rachel Linsay, Roselle (Lake Park)
The Compleat Wks of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged)
Jacque Lueken and Jeff Metzger, Sandwich
Dave Valentino and Kristen Tillotson, Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)
Italian American Reconciliation

 Humorous Interpretation

Matt Brennan, Arlington Heights (Hersey)
Don Juan in Chicago
Katie McLuckie, Bartonville (Limestone)
For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls
Annamarie MacLeod, Champaign (Centennial)
Into the Woods
Kevin Cox, Chicago (Marist)
Degas C'est Moi
Laura Grey, Downers Grove (South)
Paul Jenkins, DuQuoin
The Compleat Wks of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged)
Molly Worthen, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls
Babs Marcus, Glenview (Glenbrook South)
Four Little Words
Danny Motta, Greenfield
Man of La Mancha
Brian Girdler, Heyworth
The Nerd
Candace Taylor, Marion (H.S.)
Anne Sonneville, Moline
Noises Off
Tamara Fear, Oak Lawn (Community)
The Princess Bride
Katie Rich, Orland Park (Sandburg)
The LaLa Awards
C.J. McBride, Peoria (Woodruff)
Moon Over Buffalo
Derek Wainwright, Port Byron (Riverdale)
The Three Step Method
Jessica Gilfand, Stanford (Olympia)
Angry Housewives
Elizabeth Edwards, West Chicago (H.S.)
Psycho Beach Party
Kim DalSanto, Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)
History of the American Film

 Impromptu Speaking

Crystal Mays, Anna (A.-Jonesboro)
Lora Pearlman, Carbondale
Joe Carlile, Chatham (Glenwood)
Justin Conley, Chillicothe (Illinois Valley Central)
Beth Clarke, Crystal Lake (Central)
Kathy Rooney, Downers Grove (North)
Sanjay Sood, Downers Grove (South)
Christin Erickson, Elk Grove Village (E.G.)
Emily Africano, Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
Angela Williamson, Heyworth
Ryan Degooyer, Normal (Community)
Vicki Rogers, O'Fallon
James Dunleavy, Orland Park (Sandburg)
Kat Banakis, Palatine (Fremd)
Tuan Ngo, Peoria (Woodruff)
Laura Herbert, Rochelle
Louis Hare, Rock Island (Alleman)
Erika Richardson, South Holland (Thornwood)
Dexter Travis, Stanford (Olympia)

 Oratorical Declamation

Joe Raab, Belleville (East)
Salute to Excellence
Salina Wyant, Benton
If You Made It Through This Place You Can Do Anything
Katherine Fry, Bloomington (H.S.)
I Wants to Go to the Prose
Sarah Woody, Crystal Lake (South)
Take a Moment to Really See
Nisha Kacholia, Downers Grove (North)
Redefining Tradition
Sarah London, Downers Grove (South)
Take Both Roads
Kati Weber, Dunlap
Working and Living
Lee Emery, DuQuoin
Damned Yankee
Abby Reel, Eureka
My Mother's Gift
Mike Hall, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
The Politics of Paternity Leave
Kiirsti Makela, Gurnee (Warren)
Why Weren't You His Friends?
Stacey Kelley, Heyworth
A Woman's Place
April Manos, Metamora
Better Left Alone
Sarah Lutz, Morris
Are There Any Questions?
Joy McGuan, New Lenox (Lincoln-Way)
Remark on UN Conference on Women
Sara Meyers, Peoria (H.S.)
Succeeding By Holding Hands...Sound Guidance
Frank Harts, Rock Falls
Sharing in the American Dream
Quinisha Smith, South Holland (Thornwood)
The Myth That Is Crippling Black America


Salina Wyant, Benton
It's No Secret
Katherine Fry, Bloomington (H.S.)
Give a Little Whistle
Rachel Heinze, Canton
What Happened To Civilty In American Society?
Margot Nikitas, Charleston
Road Rage
Ryan Cox, Chicago (Marist)
Add An Explanation
Nick Blumhoff, Dixon
Reactivating Daddy
Kurt Vonnahme, Downers Grove (South)
When Angels Fall
Chris Bratten, DuQuoin
The Power of One
Mithra Hariharan, Elk Grove Village (E.G.)
Road Rage
Peter Berger, Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
In Their Shoes
Laura Shamorian, Gurnee (Warren)
It Can Happen To You
Stacey Kelley, Heyworth
C.A.L.M.ing the Rage
Megha Doshi, Hoffman Estates (Conant)
A Brand on Creativity and Responsibility
Rebecca Tally, Lincoln
Stuff Lust
Kelly Freeman, O'Fallon
Obedience On the Street
Mona Bormet, Orland Park (Sandburg)
Let's Not Fall Off the Cliff
Jamie Planck, Peoria (Richwoods)
The Millenium Bug
Jon Ellegood, Peoria (Woodruff)
Identity Fraud
Stephanie Zelanik, South Holland (Thornwood)
The Game of Life
Sumaiya Balbale, Wheaton (North)
The Uncivil Wars

 Original Comedy

Tim Christoffersen, Amboy
Where Are They Now
Gabby Lawson, Belleville (East)
How to Be Avant-Garde
Taryn Herman, Benton
The Sister Grimm
Paul Booth, DeKalb
The Life of Howard Blitzkreig
Kate Mulligan, Downers Grove (South)
Cry Me A River
Bhavesh Patel, DuQuoin
Would You Like a S.L.U.S.H.I.E.?
Wyatt Miller, Farmer City (Blue Ridge)
Work of Art
Blake Sienkiewicz, Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
If Marcel Marceau Fell in the Forest ...
Scott Burman, Glenview (Glenbrook South)
Mr. Remote
Chad Hancock, Gurnee (Warren)
Dating: An Eight-Step Program
Kathryn Johnston, Hoffman Estates (Conant)
Literature Wonderland
Nick King, Lincoln
Paige Cone, Morton
Budget Cuts
Erik Martig, Oak Lawn (Community)
A Search For Heroes
Tom McGrath, Orland Park (Sandburg)
Lots and Lots of Latte
Chip Joyce, Peoria (Woodruff)
Attack Of The Killer Peer Coach
Becky Bull, Port Byron (Riverdale)
So.... I Faked My Own Death
John Robert, Red Bud
A Man Named Moe
Briana Nannen, Stanford (Olympia)
The Intellectual Cheerleader Kicks Them in the Mascot
Jason Miller, Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)
Money Talks!

 Prose Reading

Steve Eldridge, Benton
Nina Samii, Champaign (Central)
Carla Armstrong, Country Club Hills (Hillcrest)
Zenovia Love, Dolton (Thornridge)
Sarah London, Downers Grove (South)
Lee Emery, DuQuoin
Allison Weiss, Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
Leah Reinhardt, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
Jill Delost, Heyworth
Mindy Youroukos, Mt. Vernon
Kisha Usher, North Chicago
Maura Lewit, Northbrook (Glenbrook North)
Emily Sadler, Orland Park (Sandburg)
Shannon Maney, Ottawa (Twp.)
Sara Meyers, Peoria (H.S.)
Lindsay Morgan, Peoria (Richwoods)
Jaime Riewerts, Port Byron (Riverdale)
Jennifer Toliver, Stanford (Olympia)
Ruth Graham, Wheaton (North)
David May, Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)

 Radio Speaking

Jane Kulm, Arlington Heights (Hersey)
Beth Vaughn, Belleville (East)
Tim Schwab, Bloomington (H.S.)
Tom Prescher, Canton
Reem Hasib, Charleston
Joe Lajos, Crystal Lake (South)
Kurt Vonnahme, Downers Grove (South)
Heather King, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
Dan Stone, Lansing (Thornton Fractional South)
Michael Ruemmler, Mt. Vernon
Jennifer Ruhl, New Lenox (Lincoln-Way)
Rachel Gordon, Normal (Community)
Edward Fanselow, Northlake (Leyden)
Saqib Mohajir, Orland Park (Sandburg)
Jessica Griffin, Paxton (P.-Buckley-Loda)
Lyz Liddell, Peoria (H.S.)
Leslie Chu, Peoria (Richwoods)
Megan Casey, Richton Park (Rich South)
Paul Ramirez, Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)

 Special Occasion Speaking

Joe Raab, Belleville (East)
Even Barbie Has Her Flaws
Anthony Zoubek, Bensenville (Fenton)
The Great Flick-Off
Natalie Mullen, Benton
Supermarket Espionage
Reem Hasib, Charleston
America's Lack of Cultural Awareness
Jenny Bulla, Downers Grove (South)
Dumb & Dumber
Robb Telfer, Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
Don't Be a Negative Nancy
Eric Long, Freeport (H.S.)
The C.U.B.S. Syndrome
Molly Worthen, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
The Secret Handshake of Death
Molly Deakyne, Glenview (Glenbrook South)
I'm a Geek
Peter Smith, Harvey (Thornton)
Charge It!
Brian Girdler, Heyworth
A New Add A. Tude
Brenda Keller, Monmouth (H.S.)
Make The Best Of It
Jessica Wheeler, Oak Lawn (Community)
The Game of Life
Adam Rowe, Ottawa (Twp.)
Cereal Kids
Dawn Johnson, Pekin
Driven to Distraction
Sayard Bass, Peoria (H.S.)
Stand For Something or Fall For Anything
Briana Nannen, Stanford (Olympia)
Teen a Four Letter Word
Jason Miller, Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)
Crayola Memories

 Verse Reading

Amber Schultz, Braidwood (Reed-Custer)
Annamarie MacLeod, Champaign (Centennial)
Michelle Novak, Crystal Lake (South)
Scott Eblen, Downers Grove (North)
Josie Yousef, Downers Grove (South)
Bhavesh Patel, DuQuoin
Robin Harper, Elk Grove Village (E.G.)
Mario Jobbe, Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
Kathryn Hawley, Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
Elise Jones, Kankakee (Sr.)
April Manos, Metamora
Mariel Reynolds, Mt. Vernon
Kisha Usher, North Chicago
Tim Love, O'Fallon
Tina Zwirkowski, Oak Lawn (Community)
Nina Nevins, Ottawa (Twp.)
Shavon Johnson, Peoria (H.S.)
Cesili Williams, South Holland (Thornwood)
Kim DalSanto, Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)

 Performance in the Round

REVISED 2/15/98: An earlier posting listed too many qualifiers. This list is correct.

Belleville (East)
Ordinary People
Ben Wymer (Jr.), Alana Margiotta (Sr.), Kelly Morris (Sr.), Gabby Lawson (Sr.), Mark Kielen (Sr.)

Waiting for the Parade
Coach: Pam Kimball
Jodi Ludwig (Jr.), Natalie Mullen (So.), Bethany Clyatt (So.), Karen Mullins (Jr.), Leslie Sneed (Sr.)

Bloomington (H.S.)
Hamlet II
Coaches: Mike Johnson, Mike Riley
Henry Dick (Fr.), Megan Steinberg (So.), Lisa Hutmacher (Fr.), Geoff Evans (Fr.), Rebecca Hamlin (Fr.)

How to Eat Like a Child
Jennea Churchill (Sr.), Nathanie Churchill (So.), Frank Shaw (Sr.), Jeremy Smith (Sr.), Jeannie Hamilton (Fr.), Tashana Bradford (So.), Caleb Blodgett (Jr.), Courtney Foster (Fr.), Margaret Clayberg (Sr.), Kersi Smith (Sr.),

Dolton (Thornridge)
The People Could Fly: A Myth
Coaches: Bill Kirksey, Melody Gerace, Tim Sweeney
David Barlow (Fr.), Cecelia Ceja (Jr.), Le'Mil Eiland (So.), Nicole Franklin (Jr.), Dennis Garner (Sr.), Nancy Ikejimba (Fr.), Goldie Jaco (Jr.), Kim Liddell (Jr.), Kristal Lloyd (Jr.), Latia McPherson (So.), Robert Rogers (Jr.), Brandon White (Fr.), Randy Wooding (So.)

Downers Grove (North)
The Drama Bug
John Anderson (XX.), Samantha Bell (XX.), Joe Daniels (XX.), Samantha Flippin (XX.), Emily Kasinecz (XX.), Nate Pence (XX.), Laura Yerges (XX.),

Downers Grove (South)
The View
Coaches: Jan Heiteen, John Hires
Chris Blum (Sr.), Maritza Cabrera (Sr.), Jeff Dalo (So.), Katie Horeni (XX.), Chris Konopasek (Sr.), Wendy Lindenmeyer (XX.), Erin Moloney (Sr.), Mary Peters (Jr.)

Flossmoor (Homewood-Flossmoor)
Fires in the Mirror: Crown Heights, Brooklyn And Other Identities
Coaches: Tom Sweeney, Jill Bonavia
Madilyn Beck (Fr.), Peter Berger (Jr.), Matt Churilla (Fr.), Jeff Erickson (Jr.), Rochel Fieldler (Sr.), Amber Friendly (Fr.), Josh Green (Jr.), Brian Levin (So.), Blake Sienkiewicz (Jr.), Mike Stejskal (Sr.), Lenal Ward (Jr.)

Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
Pillow Talk
Eddie Ross (XX.), Dan Purdom (Sr.), Sean Kelley (XX.), Casey Alrich (XX.), Molly Hall (XX.), Elizabeth Schmuck (XX.), Glenn Robertson (XX.)

Gurnee (Warren)
Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories
Coach: Deb Woodard
Heidi Brown (So.), Kara Cooprider (So.), Nick Crowley (So.), Joe Goodman (Fr.), Jenny Hamlyn (So.), Chad Hancock (Sr.), Misty Thesen (So.), Nady Von Ebers (Fr.)

This is a Test
Coaches: Susan M. Knoblauch, Sarah Stevens, Trish Ballard
Joe Martin (So.), Brian Becker (So.), Caleb Greene (So.), Robin Giebelhausen (So.), Kat Netherton (Fr.), Beth Erwin (Fr.), Jeremy Otto (So.), Ryan Camp (So.), Jason Coale (Fr.), Val Rockhold (Jr.), Jenni Ford (XX)

Mt. Vernon
Heart Mountain 1942
Coach: Paul Cummins
Emily Breeze (Sr.), Andrea Keen (Sr.), Jill May (Sr.), Breck Phillips (So.), Bethany Rosser (So.)

Normal (Community West)
Bottom the Actor
Coach: Mike Mitchell
Kim McKean (Jr.), Emily Miller (Jr.), Jessica Montgomerie (Sr.), Pete Tenuto (Sr.), Nick Harlacher (So.), Carman Burtis (Sr.), Nicole Johnson (Jr.)

Oak Lawn (Community)
A Child Is Waiting
Coach: Tom Dzurison
Erika Buys (So.), Carmel Damazo (So.), Dan Echavarria (Fr.), Sam Echavarria (Jr.), Veronica Espinosa (Jr.), Mark Liescke (So.), Jason Rowsey (Jr.), Samantha Staniszewski (So.), Kevin Woloszyn (Sr.), Lisa Woloszyn (So.), Amy Zavala (Fr.), Rachel Zebio (Sr.), Diamond Zukas (So.), Adam Zwirkoki (So.)

Port Byron (Riverdale)
The Poet and the Rent
Coach: Sharon Riewerts
Abbie Essary (Jr.), Kara Rabe (Jr.), Jamie Gustaf (Jr.), Kelly Ganahl (Jr.), Amanda VanDe Walle (Jr.), Mindy Hatcher (Sr.), Tim Lewis (Sr.), Sara Bratcher (Jr.), Liz Mead (Fr.), Amanda Ulrey (Fr.), Lynette Jardine (Jr.), Luke VanDe Walle (Sr.), Kyle Pifkin (Fr.)

Rock Island (Alleman)
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Coach: Roxanne Miller
Louis Hare (Sr.), Tony DiTulio (Sr.), Sarah Olds (Sr.), Marcus Kelly (So.)

Wheaton (North)
To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday
James Seward (XX.), Brookes Ebetsch (XX.), Becca Knuth (XX.), Colleen Kehoe (XX.)

Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)
Cracked Record Blues
Ryan McCarthy (XX.), Scott Strnad (XX.), Chris Crompton (XX.), Sarah Zalud (XX.), Allyson Kane (XX.), Stacy Willyard (XX)

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