Girls Golf Class A Tee Times — 2012-13 

Last updated at 1:04 p.m. on Wednesday, October 10, 2012.

A few quick reminders about the practice round for the Girls Golf State Series on Thursday:

Parents are allowed to spectate, however they cannot caddy, coach, advise, etc. This is an official practice to be conducted by the certified, school hired coach only.

Swing coaches, personal coaches, private lesson coaches are not allowed to coach an individual player or a team during the practice round. This is an official practice to be conducted by the certified, school hired coach only.

In order for a coach of a team to use a cart during the practice round their cart form must have been sent to the IHSA for approval.

During state final competition, please remember that distance measuring devices can only measure distance. They can be point and shoot or GPS as long as they only measure distance. If a device accounts for slope, wind speed, or shows the layout of a green it would not be legal.

Cell phones or any device that can transmit information to the player would still be illegal per the IHSA Terms and Conditions.

Good luck to your teams!

ATTENTION, FANS: During the IHSA golf state finals, an on-course shuttle service will be provided to allow fans a chance to follow play. There will be NO additional golf carts available for individuals. Information about the service, including drop-off points on the course, will be available at the course during the tournament. Member schools have previously been notified about this service and were instructed to share this information with fans.

Team Qualifiers

Eldorado (Coop)

Coach Greg Goodley

Taylor Aldridge (So.)

Taylor Goodley (So.)

Ashton Goodley (So.)

Charly Lowery (Sr.)

Sam Mings (Jr.)

Ashton Unthank (Sr.)

Fairbury (Prairie Central)

Coach Cindy Ifft

Jackie Duffy (Sr.)

Natalie Gulliford (Sr.)

Jenna Hale (Sr.)

Kacie Hardesty (Sr.)

Emily Heiser (Sr.)

Anna Ricketts (Sr.)

Kankakee (McNamara)

Coach Bill Johnson

Caitlyn Arno (Jr.)

Olivia Johnson (Fr.)

Megan Kelly (Sr.)

Olivia LaMore (Sr.)

Kyra Slavin (Sr.)

Gina Valone (Sr.)

Mahomet (M.-Seymour)

Coach Matt Mills

Maddie Birckbichler (So.)

Keegan Gagne (Fr.)

Brooklyn Hildrith (Sr.)

Lexus Hornsby (Jr.)

Amber Tabaka (Sr.)

Emily Trolia (So.)

Metropolis (Massac County)

Coach Kimberly Futrell

Ali Eicholz (Jr.)

Paige Ellerbusch (So.)

Kristen Faulkner (Sr.)

Peyton Helm (Sr.)

Brittany Reynolds (So.)

Sami Weber (Sr.)


Coach Scott Lynn

Shelby Ifft (Sr.)

Delainey Ryan (Jr.)

Amanda Stephens (Sr.)

Alyssa Tompkins (Jr.)

Stephanie Walter (Sr.)

Nicole Welty (So.)


Coach Doug Kell

Madison Frerker (So.)

Natalie Johnson (Jr.)

Madi May (Jr.)

Katelyn Morris (Sr.)

Shawn Rennegarbe (Jr.)

Jessica Weihe (Jr.)


Coach Kelly Siltman

Abbey Baker (Jr.)

Amanda Bertolozzi (Sr.)

Molly Corbin (Sr.)

Stephanie Emery (Sr.)

Ella Kramer (Sr.)

Annie Sandrock (Sr.)

Quincy (Notre Dame)

Coach Chris Hogge

Lexie Broemmer (Sr.)

Lauren Brown (So.)

Lucy Clark (Jr.)

Jamie Ehrhart (Sr.)

Katie Nieswender (Jr.)

Kelly Swisher (Sr.)


Coach Jeff Hill

Abby Alewelt (Jr.)

Morgan Alewelt (Sr.)

Sarah Barris (Sr.)

Jocelyn Matsen (Sr.)

Morgan Savage (Fr.)

Hailey Williams (Sr.)

Rockford (Lutheran)

Coach Joe Lodico

Evelyn Behling (Sr.)

Ari Foley (Sr.)

Erin Galen (Sr.)

Sofia Kaplanes (Jr.)

Kelsey Page (So.)

Bailey Peck (Sr.)


Coach Curt Alsvig

Kylee Fall (So.)

Courtney Merkel (So.)

Abbey Race (So.)

Jessica Schultz (Sr.)

Amy Swanson (Sr.)

Kelly Zielizinski (So.)

Individual Qualifiers

Alton (Marquette)

Coach Deb Walsh

Elaina Smith (Jr.)

Aurora (Rosary)

Coach Paul Iwanski

Victoria Phipps (Jr.)

Belleville (Althoff Catholic)

Coach Tim Gehrs

Maddie Elbe (Sr.)

Biggsville (West Central)

Coach Daniel DeWees

Brook Bessine (Sr.)

Cierra Pulse (So.)

Bloomington (Central Catholic)

Coach Mary Jo Bell

Sarah Bell (Sr.)

Campbell Hill (Trico)

Coach Tom Bowlin

Katie Garver (Sr.)

Catlin (Coop)

Coach Mark M. Mullins

Courtney LaFoe (Jr.)


Coach Deb Landsaw

Maddy Burgett (Sr.)

Chicago (F.W. Parker)

Coach Michael Schmidt

McKenzie Rome (Jr.)

Chicago (South Shore International College Prep)

Coach Eric Jackson

Erica Jackson (Fr.)


Coach Eric Turner

Megan Biscan (Sr.)

Allie Leingang (Jr.)

Cuba (Coop)

Coach Tim Petersen

Lexi Petersen (So.)

Decatur (Eisenhower)

Coach Julie Cline

Savannah Myers (Sr.)

Decatur (St. Teresa)

Coach Tom Noonan

Hayley Rogers (Jr.)

Effingham (St. Anthony)

Coach Brad Rohlfing

Miranda Rohlfing (Sr.)


Coach Julie Frels

Monica Lieving (Fr.)

Genoa (G.-Kingston)

Coach Darrin LaForce

Emily Wakeley (Sr.)

Gibson City (G.C.-Melvin-Sibley)

Coach Guy Percy

Katie Spangler (Sr.)

Greenview (Coop)

Coach Chris Broch

Caitlin Sims (So.)


Coach Kendra Bolen

Taylor Thompson (Sr.)

Lanark (Eastland) (Coop)

Coach Jason Hill

Alex Moutrey (Sr.)


Coach Christine Randall

Katlyn Hasprey (So.)


Coach Mary Quigle

Hailea Hadsall (Jr.)

Monmouth (United)

Coach Jim McNamara

Justine Peel (Jr.)


Coach Matt Lafond

Olivia Kief (Sr.)

Mt. Carmel

Coach Karin Kelsey

Abbey Leighty (Fr.)

Mt. Zion

Coach Bonnie Holloway

Ashley Miller (So.)

Norridge (Ridgewood)

Coach Thomas Parrillo

Sabrina Bonanno (Jr.)


Coach Nolan Kellerman

Heather McDaniel (Sr.)


Coach Tammy McGinnis

Rylie Loux (Fr.)


Coach Donald Reece

Alina Llanas (Sr.)


Coach Gary Brunner

Julie Hogan (Jr.)

Rockford (R. Christian)

Coach Todd Sullivan

Abby Sullivan (Sr.)


Coach Jim Jeffers

Kendra Kessler (Jr.)

Toulon (Stark County)

Coach Jim Langdon

Danielle Kenney (Sr.)


Coach Brandon Taylor

Raechelle Leiken (Sr.)


Coach Mike Wilson

Tiffany Nugent (Sr.)


Coach Dan Burk

Lauren Frye (So.)

First Round Tee Times

Tee times are tentative. Sometimes additional or corrected information necessitates a reseed at the tournament site.

First Tee

Lauren Brown (So.) Quincy (Notre Dame) 113
Madison Frerker (So.) Nashville 126
Keegan Gagne (Fr.) Mahomet (M.-Seymour) 113
Abbey Race (So.) Somonauk 133
Kelly Swisher (Sr.) Quincy (Notre Dame) 95
Jessica Weihe (Jr.) Nashville 119
Lexus Hornsby (Jr.) Mahomet (M.-Seymour) 107
Courtney Merkel (So.) Somonauk 126
Lexie Broemmer (Sr.) Quincy (Notre Dame) 94
Katelyn Morris (Sr.) Nashville 111
Maddie Birckbichler (So.) Mahomet (M.-Seymour) 105
Kelly Zielizinski (So.) Somonauk 116
Katie Nieswender (Jr.) Quincy (Notre Dame) 89
Natalie Johnson (Jr.) Nashville 87
Amber Tabaka (Sr.) Mahomet (M.-Seymour) 99
Kylee Fall (So.) Somonauk 113
Lucy Clark (Jr.) Quincy (Notre Dame) 82
Madi May (Jr.) Nashville 85
Emily Trolia (So.) Mahomet (M.-Seymour) 92
Amy Swanson (Sr.) Somonauk 93
Jamie Ehrhart (Sr.) Quincy (Notre Dame) 80
Shawn Rennegarbe (Jr.) Nashville 74
Brooklyn Hildrith (Sr.) Mahomet (M.-Seymour) 88
Jessica Schultz (Sr.) Somonauk 77
Hailey Williams (Sr.) Rochester 93
Brittany Reynolds (So.) Metropolis (Massac County) 118
Kyra Slavin (Sr.) Kankakee (McNamara) 111
Ari Foley (Sr.) Rockford (Lutheran) 119
Abby Alewelt (Jr.) Rochester 92
Peyton Helm (Sr.) Metropolis (Massac County) 100
Caitlyn Arno (Jr.) Kankakee (McNamara) 105
Sofia Kaplanes (Jr.) Rockford (Lutheran) 113
Sarah Barris (Sr.) Rochester 91
Sami Weber (Sr.) Metropolis (Massac County) 91
Olivia LaMore (Sr.) Kankakee (McNamara) 99
Kelsey Page (So.) Rockford (Lutheran) 110
Morgan Alewelt (Sr.) Rochester 86
Paige Ellerbusch (So.) Metropolis (Massac County) 85
Megan Kelly (Sr.) Kankakee (McNamara) 97
Evelyn Behling (Sr.) Rockford (Lutheran) 97
Morgan Savage (Fr.) Rochester 84
Ali Eicholz (Jr.) Metropolis (Massac County) 85
Olivia Johnson (Fr.) Kankakee (McNamara) 89
Erin Galen (Sr.) Rockford (Lutheran) 94
Jocelyn Matsen (Sr.) Rochester 79
Kristen Faulkner (Sr.) Metropolis (Massac County) 82
Gina Valone (Sr.) Kankakee (McNamara) 85
Bailey Peck (Sr.) Rockford (Lutheran) 83
Allie Leingang (Jr.) Columbia 81
Lauren Frye (So.) Winchester 83
Katlyn Hasprey (So.) Lincoln 84
Justine Peel (Jr.) Monmouth (United) 84
Miranda Rohlfing (Sr.) Effingham (St. Anthony) 74
Sabrina Bonanno (Jr.) Norridge (Ridgewood) 78
Lexi Petersen (So.) Cuba (Coop) 78
Taylor Thompson (Sr.) Knoxville 78

Tenth Tee

Nicole Welty (So.) Morton 106
Charly Lowery (Sr.) Eldorado (Coop) 119
Anna Ricketts (Sr.) Fairbury (Prairie Central) 137
Amanda Bertolozzi (Sr.) Prophetstown --
Amanda Stephens (Sr.) Morton 105
Sam Mings (Jr.) Eldorado (Coop) 112
Kacie Hardesty (Sr.) Fairbury (Prairie Central) 135
Abbey Baker (Jr.) Prophetstown 120
Delainey Ryan (Jr.) Morton 100
Ashton Unthank (Sr.) Eldorado (Coop) 105
Natalie Gulliford (Sr.) Fairbury (Prairie Central) 120
Ella Kramer (Sr.) Prophetstown 113
Alyssa Tompkins (Jr.) Morton 88
Taylor Aldridge (So.) Eldorado (Coop) 99
Jenna Hale (Sr.) Fairbury (Prairie Central) 99
Molly Corbin (Sr.) Prophetstown 101
Shelby Ifft (Sr.) Morton 88
Taylor Goodley (So.) Eldorado (Coop) 81
Emily Heiser (Sr.) Fairbury (Prairie Central) 95
Stephanie Emery (Sr.) Prophetstown 100
Stephanie Walter (Sr.) Morton 86
Ashton Goodley (So.) Eldorado (Coop) 79
Jackie Duffy (Sr.) Fairbury (Prairie Central) 83
Annie Sandrock (Sr.) Prophetstown 98
Alex Moutrey (Sr.) Lanark (Eastland) (Coop) 94
Monica Lieving (Fr.) Geneseo 95
Victoria Phipps (Jr.) Aurora (Rosary) 96
Emily Wakeley (Sr.) Genoa (G.-Kingston) 96
Courtney LaFoe (Jr.) Catlin (Coop) 92
Tiffany Nugent (Sr.) Wilmington 92
Katie Spangler (Sr.) Gibson City (G.C.-Melvin-Sibley) 92
Ashley Miller (So.) Mt. Zion 93
Alina Llanas (Sr.) Polo 91
Rylie Loux (Fr.) Plano 91
Julie Hogan (Jr.) Pontiac 92
Erica Jackson (Fr.) Chicago (South Shore International College Prep) 92
Savannah Myers (Sr.) Decatur (Eisenhower) 90
McKenzie Rome (Jr.) Chicago (F.W. Parker) 90
Abby Sullivan (Sr.) Rockford (R. Christian) 90
Maddy Burgett (Sr.) Charleston 91
Abbey Leighty (Fr.) Mt. Carmel 89
Elaina Smith (Jr.) Alton (Marquette) 89
Maddie Elbe (Sr.) Belleville (Althoff Catholic) 90
Olivia Kief (Sr.) Morris 90
Kendra Kessler (Jr.) Sparta 88
Cierra Pulse (So.) Biggsville (West Central) 88
Katie Garver (Sr.) Campbell Hill (Trico) 89
Danielle Kenney (Sr.) Toulon (Stark County) 89
Megan Biscan (Sr.) Columbia 87
Hayley Rogers (Jr.) Decatur (St. Teresa) 87
Caitlin Sims (So.) Greenview (Coop) 87
Hailea Hadsall (Jr.) Macomb 88
Heather McDaniel (Sr.) Pinckneyville 85
Brook Bessine (Sr.) Biggsville (West Central) 86
Raechelle Leiken (Sr.) Vandalia 86
Sarah Bell (Sr.) Bloomington (Central Catholic) 87

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