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  Boys Golf Results 2011 

Freeport (Aquin) Boys Golf Sectional Results

Posted Monday, October 10, 2011 at 7:32 pm

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Golf Course

Name of Golf Course: Park Hills West Course                        
Length of course (in yards): 6627
Par: 72

First-Place Medalist

Golfer                Yr   School                    Scor 
Connor Thompson       Sr.  Pearl City High School    75

Advancing Individuals

NOTE: This list includes the top golfers who were not members of an advancing team.
Golfer                Yr   School                    Scor 
Connor Thompson       Sr.  Pearl City H.S.           75
Kyle Workman          Sr.  Fulton H.S                77
Trey Timpe            Sr.  Stockton H.S.             77
Taylor Burns          Sr.  Dakota H.S.               78
Evan Bean             Sr.  Granville ( Putnam County) 79
Evan Eissens          Sr.  Fulton H.S.               81
Casey Fritz           Sr.  Eastland H.S              81
Andrew Dykun          Jr.  Elgin Academy             82
Justin Christiansen   Sr.  Rockford Christian Life   82
Brian Ostrander       Jr.  Oregon H.S.               82

Team Results

Pl  School                            Scor Head Coach        
1   Aquin Catholic High School (Freeport) 320  Bill Pospischil
2   North Shore Country Day           320  Joe Basco
3   Timothy Christian H.S.            335  Thomas Day
4   Fulton H.S                        339  Keith Frederick
5   Rockford Christian                345  Andy Graber
6   Aurora Central Catholic H.S       355  Jim Palmer
7   Dakota H.S.                       361  Brian Benning
8   Morrison H.S.                     365  Jake Axelson
9   Northridge Prep H.S               369  Coach Hunt
10  Granville (Putnam County)         371  John Keener
11  Aurora Christian H.S              375  Robbie Bausman
12  West Carroll H.S.                 378  Tom Hoch

Advancing Team #1

Name of School: Aquin Catholic High School           
Golfer Yr Scor Cullan Barkau So. 81 Josh Furlong Jr. 80 Michael Jacobs Jr. 79 Keaton Korosec Jr. 80 Blake Fontana So. 91 Jordan Luecke Jr. 92

Advancing Team #2

Name of School: North Shore Country Day              
Golfer Yr Scor Nick McCall Jr. 76 Andrew Bedford Jr. 85 David Blechman Jr. 83 Andrew Blechman Fr. 80 William Skinner So. 81 Ben Goren Sr. 90

Advancing Team #3

Name of School: Timothy Christian H.S.               
Golfer Yr Scor Caleb Funke Jr. 85 Michael Karpman Jr. 83 Mike Hennel Sr. 81 Chris Szandzik Jr. 88 Chris Ridolphi Sr. 86 Justin VanderNaald Jr. 90